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My cats have very busy schedule of napping and staring out the window. They barely notice, I mean tolerate, me. I can talk until I am blue in the face, and they will ignore me and NEVER do what I want.  So naturally I was curious to see what this poor author decided to sell us in terms of cat communication. Short answer: Not much.

This book is low on information and big on anecdotes about cats. There is also an ongoing theme of a cat’s psychic ability along with communicating with “spirits”. Other than some descriptions of body language: swishing tail equals angry/irritated, there is very little substance. There is no real “training” program or method. Even the examples aren’t really examples.

Even though cat training/communication is, at best, imaginary, there are still better choices than this particular book. There really only are a few things your cat is trying to tell you:

Feed me, I may starve.

Get out of my way. You are standing/sitting where I need to be.

Your stuff is in my way, I am going to have to push it to the floor or hide it from you.

You suck.

Completely trained by cats to do their bidding,


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  1. This book has a LOT of training tips…for cat owners! Now, go to the top of the stairs and drop that foil ball over and over with the remote hope of engaging your cat.
    Actually, one of my cats played great hide and seek around doorways and corners. We’d stalk and startle each other for 10-15 minutes. But that was mutual play, and I was acting like a cat, on all-fours. I wasn’t authoritatively expecting him to perform.

  2. I understand the language of cats much better than I do about humans, but that whole thing about them having psychic powers or sensing the presence of ghosts is just a bunch of human pseudoscience to me.

  3. I taught my blind girlcat some simple voice and music commands. She knew “wrong side” when she went to the wrong side of a door when going out of a room, she knew “jump-up” when she was in the right place for jumping up on to my bed at bedtime, she knew her supper song and she knew “harness” for going for a walk. She also had her own way of telling me things; she had a particular way of telling me her litter tray needed cleaning (three times a day, the little princess), and a particular way for asking for Dreamies. Sadly, she died following an op to remove a lump on her neck at only four years old.

    Cats can be trained but not in the same way as dogs can, and all that psychic stuff is utter nonsense.

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