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Cancer for Kids

A New True Book

I think we can all agree that medical information is to be weeded regularly.  Let us not forget the kids!  These kinds of books are extremely important when trying to explain difficult medical conditions to children.  I was disturbed that the message through out this book is “millions will die but lots won’t” .

I feel like I am talking about cancer with patrons more and more.  Keep those health sections current.  Lots of people are depending on the public library for accurate and timely information.


Time out:  Notice the page break in the middle of this important concept!  God help you if you don’t turn the page fast enough to find out the startling facts from the 1980’s about cancer death rates…

0 Responses to Cancer for Kids

  • Those pants!

  • Those lab techs aren’t wearing gloves! Not the pain point, I know, but.. I feel like a medical book should have accurate illustrations.

  • That scanner on the cover had to be state-of-the-art when this book came out. Awesome.

  • “Cancer’s not a death sentence! Well, there’s a fifty-fifty chance you’ll die. But it’s not a death sentence!”

  • If the cancer doesn’t kill you those pants might!

  • Sadly, some cancers still have a much lower chance of survival than 50%. My mother died of pancreatic cancer, which has a survival rate of only 5%, because by the time they’ve realised you have it, it’s too late.

  • Kate, the lack of gloves for a blood draw was perfectly normal for that time. The widespread use of gloves in most healthcare situations was largely an outgrowth of the AIDS epidemic.

    • Yes, a friend of mine works in dental. A dentist who has been practising since the 70s told my friend that she used to eat lollies with bare, bloody hands while working on patients! It’s a miracle she doesn’t have any diseases from doing it.

  • Oh wow, the New True Books! I used to love those things. I probably read this one at some point in my childhood.

  • Exactly, I loved the New True Books when I was a kid. Our local public library’s staff was always on me to read fiction, but I loved books like this, especially if they were about history or the “Paranormal”.

  • Yes! The moment I saw the book cover I was brought back to elementary school. I don’t remember if I read that particular book, but I certainly remember the book cover.