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Can you be a Pompon Girl?


The Official Pompon Girl’s Handbook

I was not a pompon girl (Pompon in my high school was for the cheerleader rejects and not cool!) and I doubt Holly was a pompon person. (I am certain she had NO school spirit!)  I do know that since my dark days in high school that cheerleading has evolved to big time dance routines and pretty impressive acrobatics.  I also didn’t think there was much of a difference between cheer and pompon. According to this book, I am wrong. They are different.

Regardless of one’s opinion on this as a school activity, these materials are important to teen collections. However, one look at these costumes and hair might send modern teens elsewhere. Specifically, this paperback edition that I had was overly taped up and still falling apart.  I would hate to see what the holding library uses as a standard for weeding on condition. Please upgrade to something from this century.

Go Team Weeding!


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4 Responses to Can you be a Pompon Girl?

  • I thought it was spelled pompom, not pompon. Heck, even my spell check says pompon is wrong.

  • OH MY GOD I HAD THAT UNIFORM. Page 98. The girl in the upper right, the one with her hands on her knees.

    It was a navy blue vest with white on top, and our skirt to go with it just had one triple-folded pleat to it. We used to wear it alone for competition performances but would wear either a super-pointy-collared shirt or a white turtleneck for football performances or for wearing on spirit days.

    This was back in 1992-1995. Good times! And yes, poms and cheerleaders were very different. It would switch back & forth as to which was cooler, every few years….

  • Hey, I was in the marching band! I had all KINDS of school spirit. In fact, this one time at band camp…

    Just kidding.

  • The photo on page 162 (and costumes on page 172) look like what we called “drill team” at my high school. Drill team was a big deal in Texas, at least in the 80s!