Calling Dr. Love

HypnosexHypnosex: Sexual Joy Through Self-Hypnosis
Araoz and Bleck

Submitter: Despite the title, it’s not the cover that does it for me on this one either. It’s the title in conjunction with the top author photo.  “Trust me, I’m a doctor.” Doctor Love, apparently.

Holly: Oh, yes.  Dr. Casanova needs only to unbutton a few more to look completely trustworthy and credible.  This isn’t necessarily a bad choice for a public library as far as topic goes (it’s a unique angle…), but it looks old and outdated.

(Side note: You know I love it any time I can use KISS lyrics in a blog post!)

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  1. Yeah, I can see it..”Wait a minute honey, please – before I can enjoy sex with you, I need to hypnotize myself first!”

  2. SHUT UP! I can’t stop laughing, I went to LIU (not this campus, darn!) I checked with a friend who works there now, he said one of the authors still works in the counseling department. We’re having a very lively hypnoconversation about this. Thanks for making our day, ALB!

  3. It begs the question, if you have to hypnotize yourself before you can enjoy something, is it worth it to begin with?

  4. They need to track down this Dr. Araoz and get him on the next Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew:

    “No, Paris Hilton won’t be at group today, she’s been quaratined in our Hypnosex Room till she settles down.”

    1. A terrible jacket protector liberally used by a previous librarian, who even covered permabound books with them. The woodgrain border just flaps over the edge of the covers, holding the cellophane (seriously!) in place. Then you use rubber cement (plenty, if you get my drift!) to glue it to the inside. When I removed ones that were torn, the books were amazingly rejuvenated. But I had to run a strip of laminate over the super-sticky leftover adhesive.

  5. FrankN.Stein // February 19, 2010 at 10:53 am | Reply

    Yeah, I can see it..”Wait a minute honey, please – before I can enjoy sex with you, I need to hypnotize myself first!”

    THIS! Hahaha!

  6. Dr A: “You must tell yourself that you are getting sleeeeepy….sleeeeepy” “Wait a second, I have to pose for a book cover”…”sleeeepy”

  7. wish we had this book. Yesterday there was a couple caught having oral sex out behind our library – in broad daylight.

  8. Looks like I should have enrolled at C.W. Post. I don’t even know where to begin with this one, as I can’t get beyond the topic, so I’ll just let it go… [is it really me posting this, or am I under a SPELL?]

  9. So I guess with all the snarking on it it would be wrong of me to say I find Dr. Araoz’s picture on this cover hypnotically sexy?