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Butcher, Baker, Cabinetmaker

Women at work coverButcher Baker, Cabinetmaker: Photogrpahs of Women at Work
Saul and Heyman

Submitter: See all the jobs a woman can have. Not only is it way out of date, but it’s way too young and embarrassing.

Holly: The text does seem to be for a young audience, and Submitter is right that it is very out of date. At least they chose things like sheep farmer and architect to highlight; not just traditionally female roles.


Postal worker


14 Responses to Butcher, Baker, Cabinetmaker

  • We have women at our work. They work hard. They are nice. I like popsicles!

  • It’s completely out of date for a job like an architect, but I actually think this looks like a cool book. It’s very vintage, yes? It’s something I might keep for a personal collection or as a historical item, but not as a current careers picturebook.

  • Yes it’s old, but what really bugs me about
    the book is how the text is laid out. A handful of
    words to a line is really annoying to look at.

  • This looks like one that might be worth replacing with a more up to date version of the concept.

  • Interesting how they make the architect sound like it’s about nurturing some future homeowner rather than engineering something attractive and practical that won’t fall down.

  • So it looks like we can blame women architects for McMansions.

  • The text is outdated, but the pictures seem pretty good. If this is a fair representation of the book, then it’s probably fairly diverse. I do appreciate seeing a wide variety of bodies presented as normal. That’s a good message to send to kids.

    This seems like one where an updated version would be great.

  • Nit: “Photogrpahs” should be “photographs”.
    Second, how is it “too young”? I could see it being too old (25+ years) and it definitely seems thin on content.

    • My guess (and it is only a guess) is that this is in a school library, but not an elementary school library. In, for example, a high school library, this book is “too young” for the people who will be checking out books. (Even in a middle-school library, I would say.)

    • A primary-grade book about careers (not just women’s) with lovely illustrations or color photographs and haiku for text would probably win an award…

  • I thought it was butcher, baker, candlestick maker.