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But Smoking Makes Me Happy

But Smoking Makes Me Happy: the Link Between Nicotine and Depression

Submitter: I don’t know what inspired the publishers to take this one on. My director thought it was so hilarious that her vendor gave her a free copy (no doubt they’re having trouble selling them).  Published in 2008, the teens dress like they haven’t quite escaped the ’90s.  However, the information is from good and current research.  But as you can see, this book is just one of a huuuuuge series; who would buy all of these?  Who needs their own smoking-is-bad *collection*?

Love the body image shot, because if I didn’t feel insecure about my no-longer-teenaged and hardly-a-stick-figure body, I sure do now.  And I love how that poor girl’s face is hopelessly dirty.  Because she’s a filthy, filthy smoker.

Holly: Awww…her mascara is running from her crying.  I guess smoking isn’t making her that happy, then, is it?  Why do books about depression always have the worst titles?  This isn’t necessarily a weeder if you already own it, but the title and pictures may detract potential buyers.


0 Responses to But Smoking Makes Me Happy

  • Gotta love those books UP-dated info, but with
    OUT-dated photos! 🙂

    I also love the cover….hundreds of brand new cigarettes thrown about…

    Maybe…just maybe the gal in the picture is sad b/c she hasn’t a light….

    “Cigarettes, Cigarettes everywhere, but not a lighter in sight.”

    • “It’s like 10,000 fags when all you need is a light…”

      Is it just me, or does the chick on page 88 sporting a rather masculine jawline?

    • The publishers or writers may be getting the photos through an image clearinghouse like Getty images. Probably these older images were less expensive, so the decision would be to save money on the publishing costs over having photos containing the most current ephemeral fashions.

  • All of the smokers I see outside buildings frantically puffing away on their cigarettes seem to be really nervous. I think their nicotine addiction is the culprit, not the cure.

    I think the writers of this book were trying to do a good thing by encouraging people not to smoke but those photos are really weird. I love the smudged face on that girl!

  • This is probably just my filthy mind at work, but is it possible the pictures were intended for an entirely ‘different’ project? Hot-if-slightly-slutty chicks + smoking = any number of fetish videos, so why not books? If that’s the case, it’s hilarious they’d end up attached to such an evangelical project – I’m no fan of smoking either, but jeez, it’s not exactly crack!

    • Possibly… Though the look like general stock photos to me – the author just searched for smoking and picked ones where people looked unhappy.
      Would also explain how they seem over a decade out of date!

  • It should have been titled, “smoking makes me happy when the nicotine soothes my agitated nerves by interacting with chemically altered neurotransmitters in my brain.” Ahhhhhhhhhh……(exhale)

    Strike and revise that second phrase: “Many people rely on nicotine NOT for their happiness, but because they are physically addicted to nicotine, without it they become irritable and depressed.”

    Maybe she looks unhappy because she can’t afford all those cigarettes and she’s already hooked?

  • The pictures made me so happy that, after seeing them, I needed to light up. Hope they have plenty of smoker’s ghettos at ALA.

  • Brushing my hair makes me happy. She should try it.

  • Um, every title in their ginormous series has a colon. I’ll bet they hired writers to follow the pattern, “shocking words : content of book.”

  • This book reminds me of the ‘Break-free’ anti-smoking campaign they had back in the 80’s. Must be the hair.

  • I thought Mr. Page 88 was a trannie.

  • Craig – you can usually tell by the hands. Even with the French manicure, I’m with you on this one! lol Where it says that the best way to not get hooked is to never start smoking is 100% right. I wish I never started but I was 13 so what did I know? I could probably give better info than that book, or at least the info would come from a real source. 7 of my 8 children are dead set against it and I thank God. The pictures are hilarious but the message couldn’t be more important, tho like Alice says above, it’s not crack. I’d like to see more of the pictures if there are any. Those would cure any depression, I know, since I can’t stop laughing!

  • This is, of course, a reprint of SMOKING DOES MAKE ME HAPPY, same publisher (1959). They simply updated the photographs and added all the negatives.

    (Publishers are not interested in the content of BOOKS. They are concerned with shifting UNITS and making MONEY.)

  • Are women the only ones linked to smoking and depression? Ah,those women,and those “problems” they have all of the time! Gee Whiz!

    • Publishers are in the business to make money. The self-help market is overwhelmingly women, just like Oprah’s audience. Men generally only buy self-help books with titles like “Home Wiring Explained” and “How to Install Doors and Windows.”

  • Healthy alternative to dieting? Dieting is rarely a healthy alternative to anything, if you’re a teenaged girl worried about how you look.