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For all you wannabe caterers, here is your book. Straight from the 1950s, you can produce some seriously interesting food designs that will have your guests saying “Are you kidding me?”

Not just the ALB favorites involving savory jello, but we have some wild decorations utilizing lobsters, ham, and other food stuffs. It’s all about the presentation. Even though they are supposedly edible, I think I will pass.



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  1. Home cooks really made these things as late as 1969. That year, my uncle was retiring as pastor of a church in NYS. The ladies of the parish put together a lovely buffet. The centerpiece was a portrait of my uncle in chopped liver.

  2. Ah, the 50’s. That optimistic post-war decade where no one had to worry about rationing or food shortages anymore. Now food could be used as entertainment. Not edible, just entertaining. 🙂

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