Budgeting Secrets

Budgeting Basics coverBudgeting Basics: How to Survive the Budgeting Process
Ramsey and Ramsey

Look at that accounting ledger paper on the cover. Along with the broken pencil and the “how to survive” subtitle, this is super inspiring! Clearly, from the cover, budgeting is about the most frustrating thing you will ever encounter.

I’ve included a bunch of pages from the chapter on using computers and spreadsheets. You’ll all want to take notes so that you can more efficiently track your budgets at work like they did in the 80s. Mary loves both budgeting and spreadsheets to an utterly unhealthy degree, and this book will likely put her right over the edge.

Best line in the fourth image below: “This system (central-accounting computer budget and department supervisor manual revision) is still probably the most widely used budgeting and budget revision system.” #Nope


Budgeting Basics front flap

Budgeting Basics back flap

Budgeting by computers and spreadsheets

Budget Basics company computers

Budgeting Basics spreadsheets

Budgeting Basics spreadsheet example



  1. I find the cover very puzzling — that income level for 1985 would have been pretty high, but what’s with the almost $600K for rent of 12 square feet? And $4900 for electricity? Are we looking at the equivalent of Venezuela?

    1. Heehee, it’s not for 12 sq ft total, it’s $12 per square foot, with a total facility size of just a hair under 50,000 sq ft. (Is it a warehouse? At 1983 levels, the total salaries would only be 5 or 10 people rattling around in all that space.)


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