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The Truth About Golf - cover

The Truth About Golf and Other Lies

Submitter: The book is amusing both because of the comedic author and its age!  It has not left our public library shelf in over eight years.

Holly: I find books like this more difficult to weed. If it hasn’t left the shelf in eight years, I’d weed it too, but it isn’t awful in and of itself. I have patrons who would still enjoy this if I put it in their hands, but they are unlikely to find it on their own. Click here to read the IMDB bio on Buddy.

The Truth About Golf - table of contents

The Truth About Golf - A swell day

Why Mr. Demaret Plays Golf

How to improve your golf - cartoon


  1. I heard some of this on an old Carson episode. Still funny, but I’d agree that the difficulty is getting it in front of the right patrons. The Masters is coming up soon. Maybe as part of a golf display.

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