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Breast cancer information from 1973

Look for cutting edge research on breast cancer in this gem from 1980!

What every woman should know about the breast cancer controversy

Sadly, this book details new breakthrough treatments like  “radiation.”  I am going to make a big guess and say that maybe medical science has had a few breakthroughs since 1973.  This is probably one of the best illustrations of why weeding should be every bit a priority. Why is this book in a public library collection??  Seriously.

2 Responses to Breast cancer information from 1973

  • wow, you are right. They really do need to do some weeding, and some updating of purchasing more current books if they have not already done so.

  • The University of Connecticut Medical Library does a nice outreach service to public libraries in the state and strongly urges us to dump all medical books more than five years old as advances do move that fast these days.

    Back in the day I had to fight a library director to dump a then 15-year-old book about viruses that was published just before AIDS came on the scene.