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A Treasury of Crocheted Sweaters
Marshall Cavendish Limited

This relic from the 1980s actually has some nice patterns that would hold up well in a modern craft collection. The ones shown below unfortunately cancel out the good stuff. (The yellow checkerboard pattern is a definite fashion no.) They really scream 1980s along with the hair of the models. I would weed this in heartbeat if the circulation numbers indicated. It looks dated and you really have to dig deep to find the good stuff. Just say no to dated craft books.


checkerboard pattern top triangle chrochet sweater purple sweater chevron pattern back of sweater


  1. Not too bad considering the ’80s publish date, but definitely dated. I do have a problem with that super low back in the last picture – how could you wear a bra with that?

    1. You just don’t. You either let yourself have an itchy chest or you use the finest, unwashable yarn available and wear it only once or twice.

      Or nipple pasties.

      1. It’s actually better suited to today when there are lots of backless t shirts and things with decorative bra straps underneath

  2. I actually just saw someone haul something with the same pattern as the sweater on the cover. Maybe a bit of a different cut, but honestly not that different.

  3. My younger sister tells me that there are adhesive stick-on bras. They must be rather uncomfortable to remove.

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