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Brandon vs. Dylan: Who’s Hotter?

Beverly Hills 90210
TV’s Hottest Teens

Holly often reminds me how I evidently missed the entire decade of the 90s. As out of touch as I was, I still know that the hottest tv show at the time was Beverly Hills 90210. The eternal question of Brandon vs. Dylan is timeless. I am sure everyone has an opinion. (If one follows the gossip blogs, perhaps Kelly has finally chosen her man!)

This book is several kinds of awful. First, I wish there had been better photos.Second, is the lack of fact checking, since poor Brian Austin Green is identified with Jason Priestly’s photo and vice versa. Oh, the humanity! Finally, the information was bland-even for a youth biography. No insider gossip on Shannen Doherty or Tori Spelling. Frankly, they just weren’t that hot. However, I will defer to Holly on this subject as she is the resident 90s expert at the ALB home office.



9 Responses to Brandon vs. Dylan: Who’s Hotter?

  • Why all the lipstick on Brian?

  • I think I was the only girl in the 90s who thought the entire cast, but especially the guys, were actually on the ugly side. I also thought Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson were very unattractive as well.

  • I hate that I know this….but I think the pictures for Brian Austin Green and Jason Priestly are switched. Brian Austin Green is the guy in the first photo and Jason Priestly is the second.

    I feel like I need to read War and Peace now.

  • Aaron Spelling with wife and daughter Tori
    …is it just me, or does that read creepy? Like Tori was his wife AND daughter? Would it have killed them to pick up a copy of the National Enquirer and learn that the wife went by “Candy”?

  • Were any of these actors even actually teens during the show? None of the “teens” on TV seem to ever be played by someone under 20 LOL.

  • “I still know that the hottest tv show at the time was Beverly Hills 90210.”

    Pfft! I beg to differ. I hated that show even thought I watched it and was in the teen demographic at the time. None of them were hot and neither was the acting or storytelling.

  • I was thinking the same thing, lulu. In fact, Gabrielle Carteris was an anguished young woman in her *early thirties* when she was playing a teenager. In several “teen” bios from that time that I myself have weeded from our own library, I love how the biographers regurgitate the same awful press release actor bio propaganda. My favorite line about Carteris: “She is an accomplished mime.” Priceless!

  • I must be the only child of the 90s that never watched an episode. I was more of a Star Trek: The Next Generation kind of girl.

  • @Kate, yes, the two pics are reversed.