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Oh, Nick Lachey, you are so dreamy.  FYI, he was born in 1973, so in 2002 when the 98 Degrees book was written, he was 29 years old.  In fact, by 2002, 98 Degrees took a hiatus to work on other things.  The Backstreet boys followed a similar path, and went on hiatus around the same time.  These books must cover the salad days of boy bandom because by the time they were published, both groups were just about done for.

Fast forward ten years.  Both 98 Degrees and Backstreet Boys are together again, touring and recording a new album.  It’s like they’re the same people!  Maybe new books will be released to ease your troubled minds about weeding these.

My prediction is that current boy bands like One Direction and The Wanted will have a similar fate.  We’ll be weeding their biographies in two or three years (not ten!) and looking for new ones when they re-group in 2027.




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  1. Well, if they’ve gotten back together, then I feel less sorry for the guy with his band name tattooed on his arm. I’ll bet that was a bit of an embarrassment during the hiatus years.

  2. Some of these guys are doing reunion tours. Who’d a thunk it? My 30-something kids have dinosaur rock concerts.

  3. 98 degrees members are reuniting.

    The Backstreet Boys have been releasing albums at a regular rate for 20 years. The largest gap was just 5 years during member AJ McLean’s substance abuse treatment. They have released 7 LPs since 1996 and have another coming out this year. The Backstreet Boys weren’t “done for”. They have a huge international fan base that likes their feel-good music.

    I admit these books are terrible, but both seen here are unofficial. Meaning they are produced without consent and often stretch the truth. Harp on the “writers” and publishers of these books, not the subjects.

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