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Bowl Me Over

The Complete Book of Family Bowling

Direct from a submitter in the eastern United States…
“My coworker at our small public library was weeding the sports section last week and found this slightly-out-of-date bowling guide.   We love the photo of the stylish bowling togs!  I’m not sure how many circs it has had; it seems to be in near-mint condition.  But thankfully, it will be circulating no more; we don’t want to misguide our patrons as they choose an outfit to wear to the local bowling alley.

Mary:  Do you think those are culottes on the second picturet? (Young people, go Google that fashion term!) I am proud of this library’s choice to improve their community by making sure bowlers have better information and bowling fashion tips.


0 Responses to Bowl Me Over

  • ‘take the skinheads…family…bowling. take them bowling.’

  • i bowled at an alley with *exactly* that same design as a kid -and i’m only 30!

  • Doesn’t everyone bowl in a dress?

    I’m pretty sure our bowling alley still looks like that, although no one dresses that nice there.

  • I’m more interested in the pedal-pushers or capris on the left, Laura Petrie style. But since the only bowling I do now is on my Wii, I guess I’ll have to be on the lookout for designers who turn their attention to fashions for the Wii bowler.

  • I sure hope they’ve lined up a replacement book. In our town, the bowling alley is the place to see and be seen.

  • I liked how “the shoes cost between $5-$15”

  • Hey, don’t they know that 60s (and 80s) fashions are once again back in style? They won’t be misguiding. This book is now considered cutting edge bowling styles!

  • I think the woman on the cover is wearing culottes too! She is the one sitting with the green culotte skirt. I remember my Mom in the 70’s wearing such a pair. Note to self. Do not wear culottes over the age of 14. Why was it that fashion in the late 60’s and 70’s put woman in juvenile outfits?

  • Hmm, I think it’s just a skirt, not culottes. Disappointing.

    I do love how bowling shoes haven’t changed a bit in all this time, though.

  • Definitely not cullotes, but isn’t it about time for those to make a comeback? Back then bowling cost about $.50 game. Not that I would remember, or anything.

    • Culottes are still around, only now they are mostly billed as a “split skirt” or “gauchos”.

      I can remember 50 cent bowling and miniature golf games…

  • I bowl in a weekly league (shut up!) and the fashions in the pictures are far better than what my fellow enthusiasts wear.

    Love how shoes should cost between $5 and $15. (mine were the cheapies at $65) I would die for the powder blue bag! I’m retro still with my brown leather stripe but I’m a girl! I want powder blue!

  • I actually learned something, though – I didn’t know there was a difference between right and left bowling shoes depending on if you were right or left handed. That’s kinda cool.

  • I love the model poses. The ones in old fashion mags and catalogs too. Did anyone really ever stand like that? (except models and young kids who need to go to the bathroom)

  • The one thing that pops to my mind is, isn’t the scoring method different now? Or did they have the scoring computers back then?

    • When I was in 6th grade (in 1969), we took a field trip to a bowling alley. Before the trip, we actually had a lesson in class on how to keep score. Everything is automatic now, but it was a good real-life math lesson back then!

  • I came across this site through the new yorker’s. This is such an amazing place! I would have never imagined there are such obsolete books in the libraries. I have written a post in my blog to spread the word! You’ve done a great job bringing a few laughters to us!

  • Is’nt it fun to share these awful things! My favorite discovery when I started at this lovely little library was a book in the children’s section that stated, “Someday we will go to the moon….” Ugh. 🙂
    Yes – we’ll find a newer title to replace this, um, classic. Wonder if it made it to Better World Books?

    • I also found that library book on my shelves when I started at a small branch library. I also found a youth fiction book that had an old-fashioned check-out card in the back with a due date of Nov. 16, 1954.

  • Anyone — and I mean ANYONE — who spends money on a “handsome hand-tooled saddle leather” bowling bag REALLY needs to get a life.

    • And seeing as this bowling bag is projected to cost about 3x the bowling shoes, and what with today’s modern shoes being $75 or so, that would mean this fancy-a$$ bowling bag can be yours for a mere $200 or so!

    • But if you don’t get a handsome bag, your bowling ball might feel less confident! It will be ridiculed by all the other bowling balls on league night!

  • I don’t think that smiling model is holding that bowling ball right…