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Blinded by Library Science

Motivating Today’s Library Staff

Hey it is National Library Week folks!  ALB is going to feature library themed selections.  To kick off the week, how about this darling from a public library professional collection?  (5 bucks says that this book was donated by a long retired librarian and no one has looked at it since the 1980’s)

Now this looks like a real page turner.  I will bet there is a lot of help on technology and keeping staff current on changing trends.  People, take a close look at that professional collection sitting around gathering dust.  If its good keep it and use it, otherwise make room for new stuff or maybe a book on that new fangled thing called a computer.


Go Libraries!

11 Responses to Blinded by Library Science

  • My library at my university (which has the only library school in the state) is filled with books like this. I sometimes get a chuckle walking through the Zs taking a look at the books. And yes, according to their catalog, this book is there.

  • The cover design reeks “Professional Publication That Costs An Arm And A Leg”!

  • I had this book when I worked in a public library! I’d be willing to bet money that it’s still there.

  • Angel–and probably is part of a larger “program” that also costs an arm and a leg.
    We have lots of this kind of stuff in our elementary school libraries (not necessarily about librarianship) that someone purchased at a seminar or workshop and no one ever looks at again.
    It’s purchased by the school and housed in the “professional collection.” (A nice name for “books no one ever read or ever will.”) So, we never dare discard it.

  • Wow… I feel SO motivated. Hah.

    Also, the title of this post reminded me of a shirt that a Questionable Content character wore. It read, “She Blinded Me with Library Science.” See it here: http://questionablecontent.net/view.php?comic=727 Since it was so popular, the artist who creates the webcomic sells t-shirts of it now!

  • For some reason, the sharp shapes in the cover design make me think of staff being motivated by being poked with them. No, thank you. Constructive criticism is always welcome!

    • I worked at a couple of libraries (within the same system) and that was association I made- working with a bunch of poke-ey peeps! Where are the bouncey balls? The confettii? They ARE there!

  • Replace this with “Leadership is an Art” by Max DePree.

  • I thought it was a book about triangles.

  • I find all those sharp angles patriarchal and threatening.

  • Either the due date sticker is covering the “S” or they misspelled the title! Motivating today library staff??? Or is “Motivating today” the series, and “Library staff: a management guide” the title. Ahh, I’m so confused! 🙂 I must add this one to my awful book personal collection!