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Blades, not Bladder

The Complete Blader

Submitter: We really do weed our collection, but I swear pixies sneak in at night and plant awful books that should have been weeded decades ago.   I first thought this book said “The Complete BLADDER” and wondered why it was in the 796s,  until I saw the cool purple and blue roller blade on the cover.  Alas, that’s the last bit of color in this book, which features cheesy line drawings of a roller blader with Unabomber-style glasses.  At least he’s wearing safety gear, but I’m  not entirely sure what he’s trying to accomplish with the “Emergency Train Stop,” either. This isn’t a terrible topic for a public library like ours,  or even a terrible book for its time,  but we really need something more up-to-date and with photographs.

Holly: I totally thought it said BLADDER too! My husband had a newspaper route in the mid to late 1980s, and he used to deliver papers on roller blades to keep in shape for hockey season. He’s now 42 years old and his roller blades are in a dusty heap in the garage somewhere. This book can join them.

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8 Responses to Blades, not Bladder

  • I have not seen before – I think for good reason – the practice of putting all the text on a 13 degree angle, even the ISBN barcode!

  • Roller blading is coming back! I’ve seen some hipster types in my East Coast city roller blading in nice weather, more and more lately. It’s still a little niche, but there may just be an audience for a book with updated information about safety/helmets, and less eye-hurty fashion (a turtleneck sweatshirt and spandex pants?)

  • How to break your neck in 10 easy steps!

  • I love the sticker “Try America’s hottest new sport”

  • I can see this book in the library at my school in junior high being vandalized, with naughty parts drawn on the roller blader.

  • In all fairness, some of those illustrations DO look like they could be bladder strengthening exercises!

    • Well, the back cover does promise “a bladDer’s workout to build stamina and strength”…