Bizarre Body Art

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Submitter: Creepy close ups of painted feet, nostrils.  From a public school elementary library. Our school was built in 1990, so this came from somewhere else probably!

Holly: Mary, this one is absolutely CALLING to you. #CreeperAlert

Mary: Who thinks up this stuff? Now I am going to have a whole new set of nightmares.

painted feet

head profile

painted ankle

painted nose and mouth



    1. Sadist that I am, I would LOVE to see the face on the ER tech when someone comes in with nose, lips, and chin painted white, weeping with pain because a googly eye is stuck up his/her nose. Those pictures should be labelled “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!” for many, many reasons.

  1. As an adult: Eeuwww!
    Children, however do tend to have a taste for the bizarre and the gruesome. I’d love to know how many times this has circulated / been read – if it has at all.

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