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Bike Tripping coverBike Tripping

I think the title of “tripping” gives this book on bikes that cool, druggy overtone.  Take a close look at the cover. Very trippy, or should I say “groovy.”

The illustrations are also weird. I have no idea what the illustrations below are trying to communicate, other than maybe exercise on your bike might inflate your calves twice their size.

Clearly, this book is too old for a modern library collection.  Weed it and make sure your bicycle collection is current.


Bike Tripping contents

Freddy Sprocketooth

Patty Fattire

bike safety tips


  1. I like those illustrations! I would buy this at the post-weeding bookstore, tear out the pictures, and mail them to my bike-loving librarian friends.

  2. You seriously think a book written in the 1970s has drug references? Come on, surely not. 🙂

    As someone who does bike, I know how much they’ve changed in 30 years. Weed-worthy indeed.

  3. I used to own this book–wait, maybe I still do. It’s a nice, breezy, fun look at bicycling that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and we could use more of that. But I guarantee you it IS obsolete–no mention of the 15-speed “mountain bike” style that has largely overtaken the drop-handle ten-speed in popularity, even among bicycle commuters like my wife, who won’t ride a drop-handle ten-speed no matter how much more efficient it may be for riding…… Basically, Freddy Sprocketooth is now riding Patty Fattire’s bike with some changes.

    And that back cover illustration is just how so many encounters between dog and bicyclist feel like. Yes, we DiD want “hubs like in Ben Hur, with those blades spinning and chopping the opposition to bits”, as the book said…..

  4. A very interesting take on a bike book indeed. I was looking for a good read as I am in training for RAGBRAI, I have Brian Bruns Rumble Yell, it’s going to be hard to top. The funniest book about cycling I have ever come across. here’s the info, it takes the edge off when contemplating a 500 bike trip that’s for sure!

  5. Looking closely, isn’t the overhead guy giving the cyclist a tab of acid??!?!?!!

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