Big Book of Buffets

buffetThe Professional Chef’s
Book of Buffets
Waldner and Mitterhouser

Are you ready to step up your cooking and entertaining? Try these spectacular recipes and tips in organizing a large scale buffet. Innovative dishes like ham cut into shapes, fish head decor, and sculptures of food that doesn’t look like food. My personal favorite is the hog head with olive eyes in the last picture. Last but not least, that staple of the 1960s, a recipe for aspic.

You’re welcome.


ham fish aspic

international buffets

hillbilly buffets



  1. Thanks for the nightmares! And what the hell is up with that cover photo? It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen?!

  2. From the Hillbilly menu: “roast turkey made into a chef.”
    Perhaps that’s inverted? It’s “Chef made into a turkey.” Roasted or not, what self-respecting chef would be associated with this?

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