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Better Red Than Dead

 No Place to Hide
Fallout Shelters-Fact and Fiction
Melman, Ed.

Here is another Cold War Gem! This paperback is more a compilation of the current political and military consequences of nuclear annihilation. This book is more about the feasibility and politics of a civil defense program than any specific recommendations. Topics range from survive-ability of a first strike to the actual costs associated with a national program. For the average citizen considering a bomb shelter, not really all that helpful.  (It is also worth mentioning that the condition of this paperback was pathetic!)

Civil defense is a worthwhile topic, especially since the recent, particularly devastating tornado in Oklahoma, but I think a library should be able to upgrade to something better than recycled info from the Cold War.



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4 Responses to Better Red Than Dead

  • At least the Jules Feiffer cartoons were good!

  • Strikes me as appropriate this was “A Black Cat Book”. One of these crossing your path is BAD luck for your collection’s relevancy.

  • But… I need this one for a Common Core nonfiction piece to read with Todd Strasser’s new book, Fallout. Set in the same year, I think!

  • I am struck by its “sounding an alarm about the erosion of traditional values…by civil defense programs.” How could fallout shelter construction, etc. possibly affect values??