Best of the Worst 2013 Part 2

New Year, New Body
The Best of the Worst in 2013

We had lots of candidates for our top contenders. The trick is narrowing down some of these choices. Both Holly and I agreed that the book that helped you make your mind so strong that you could actually increase the size of your breasts had to be included. Because if you get super mind power, the first thing you should do is increase your bra size.

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bust enlargement with mind power

The next one that came up on both our lists was Home Firearm Safety. Of course books on firearms are appropriate, and I am quite sure that the info is appropriate and accurate. The reason this book makes our list is the cover art. Both of us couldn’t help but think this woman was planning to knock off the guy in the recliner behind her.

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Home Firearm Safety cover

Here is one of the best cold war books we have featured on the site. Check out the interior pictures for the helpful tips on surviving the end of the world as we know it!

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Another favorite of the ALB home office was this book on how to have sex in your car. Clearly, here in the Detroit area, car related material is always a good choice for a collection. I am certain the automotive engineers have thought about all of these things and are working the design possiblilies for future cars.

See the full post here. (Heads up! It is a bit NSFW):  Real Auto-Erotica! 

Carma Sutra - Across the hood

Finally, everyone agrees that language instruction is always a good choice for a public library or school library collection. This one has to be one of the most ridiculous choices out there. These practice dialogues are hilarious and useless at the same time.  Favorite translated phrase: “I want to become brown”.

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50 Useful English Dialogues cover


  1. I have had a lot of fun looking at these awful posts yesterday and today. Thank you for posting them one more time. As the kids say, “LOL.”

  2. I loved reading the different comments on all of these. Several made me laugh. I had a neighbor (male) come by yesterday and he literally did a double take when he saw “Think BIG BREASTS!” on my computer. After I explained that I had been reading the posts and how I found this site he also got a good laugh.

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