Best of Awful Library Books 2009

There must be some kind of law on the interwebs that we do a “best of” or “year in review” list. The links listed below are not necessarily the most awful, but they sure either got us laughing or generated a bunch of comments.  We are sure that you all have a favorite post too, and we hope you share your choices.

Remember, the choices for our website usually come from our particular experience in public libraries.  Every library has a different mission and serves a different clientele.   ALB endorses a solid collection management plan that remembers the mission of the library and service to the library user.

Thanks to all the regulars on our site that make this the most interesting collection development discussion around!  Go Libraries!

So, in no particular order, here are Mary and Holly’s Best of the Worst of 2009.

Just For Men

Be honest, who doesn’t love the mullet?

Oh Canada

Canada is so AWESOME!

A Passion for Donkeys

Because everyone needs a passion for something…

House of Hair

Because Dee Snider is way cooler now than when this book came out.

Build Your Own Coffins for Pets and People

Woodworking for the macabre.

Hanging Out: the Upside Down Exercise Book

Just plain funny.

What’s Wrong with my Snake?

Just glove up!

Don’t Make Me Go Back Mommy:
A Child’s Book about Satanic Ritual Abuse

Without question, this got the most comments and sparked the most discussion.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Mary and Holly


  1. I liked Twister Sister too but Dee does look like a clown only not as scary as Pennywise since he wins for scariest clown ever. These books are hysterical. I’m sure loads of men would love to style their hair like that and make a coffin or two. All I know is that you measure twice and cut once which I learned from Xander.

  2. I think the Satanic Ritual book for kids has got to be the best of the worst. The snake book is good too!

    Looking forward to a whole new year of awful library books!

  3. Don’t Make Me Go Back Mommy:
    A Child’s Book about Satanic Ritual Abuse was hands down the most awful library book I’ve seen in my life, if not all year. Looking forward to more terror in ’10!

  4. What–no love for group clown skiing on New Year’s Day?

    If only for the WTF-ery of the cover, that has to be in the top ten!

    BTW, I plan to be up early on Friday morning, red nose, floppy shoes, and skis at the ready!

  5. Hanging out is just cool…I have missed the reading for the past few months 🙁 …and yes this new year I have resolute to reading atleast one book a month…..and placing my next order at much before i finish my earlier one….. 🙂

  6. The snake book is number one! The Donkey book also seems so wonderful. Imagine the ass jokes.