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Submitter: We found this book this year.  “Jocks” consists of gratuitous beefcake pictures of male athletes accompanied by cheesy interviews laced with sexual innuendo.  There are so many awful pictures, but the ones of John McEnroe really just take the cake (for me).  I’m not usually embarrassed to be seen with any book, but I am embarrassed to be seen scanning the pages of this one for submission to Awful Library Books!  I can’t believe it stayed in the stacks for 32 years.  It probably should have been weeded within 1-2 years. Found in 2015 in the adult NF section of a public library.

Holly: <Digs a quarter out of her purse to buy this from the library’s used book sale…>

Lee Mazzilli
Lee Mazzilli

Brian Goodell

Brian Goodell

Eric Heiden






  1. Eric Heiden! Va-VOOM! Man, when he wore that golden suit winning his gold medals I thought he looked like the Academy Award!

  2. Remember when our collection development policies included the criterion “reviewed in a reputable journal”? I wonder if/where this even crossed the desk at Booklist or LJ.

  3. The Mets uniform surprised me. I guess the rules about official uniforms were different then. I doubt this would be allowed now. He’d probably be in a “generic” baseball uniform.

  4. Can you imaging any interviewer now asking if an athlete has had sex in a pool? (actually, here in Australia, it is most likely just assumed they have!)

    1. It is used in diving practice to train the diver to keep his legs together, and for strengthening exercises.

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