Bedwetting Problems

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Bedwetting, Step by Step MethodA Parent’s Guide to Bedwetting Control
A Step by Step Method
Azrin and Besalel

I’m not a fan of the title, it sounds a bit odd. (Control?) I am assuming from the title that this is something more than simple toilet training. Regardless, even if this method is still valid, the age of the book puts the information in question. I have no idea if bedwetting control is some type of special circumstance from regular toilet training. I would say that since it has implications for health, it should be treated as such. Time to flush this one.


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  1. Some kids have trouble with bedwetting long after they are toilet-trained. But a 40-year old book on a medical issue is suspect.

    1. That really bothered me, too. That seems strange and abusive to force a seven-year-old child to sleep in a crib for any reason, let alone because a health issue she can’t control somehow makes her unworthy of a proper bed. That poor kid couldn’t possibly ever invite friends over, leaving her isolated and ashamed. If that was a true anecdote, I sincerely hope that wherever that woman is today, she’s well and happy.

      1. I’m guessing the poor girl was wetting the bed because of psychological and/or other abuse from her parents. Yikes!

  2. Seeing books published the year I was born is amusing. So is seeing how much has changed since then. And I don’t think I would have even fit in my crib when I was five, let alone seven.

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