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Submitter: The book is full tips, crazy tips about beauty. Plenty of head scratchers:

-Male executives telling women where the safe places are to jog.

-“I am beginning to smell like Ajax”

-“Lines, Lines, go away, go and visit Doris Day”

-Your hair will grow faster when the moon is in a water sign

-“Don’t judge by appearances. She who appears to be a dumb blond may be a bright brunette.”

Holly: This is great! And by great, I mean awful. Its public library time has come and gone, for sure. I did enjoy the passages shared by Submitter, though. As someone who has had gray hair since my early 30s, I should apparently check my PABA intake. (Nah, I’m banking on a full head of gorgeous silver hair. Maybe ten years to go!)


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  1. Don’t really want to see what the hairstylist would give you for $15 today, but it would REALLY SHOW!

  2. Jogging in Dallas around White Rock Lake is still a popular activity, and the “Lake” is pretty, albeit in the middle of an urban area, so a lot of noise pollution, and then you have smog days sometimes. I say “Lake” because it is closer to an over glorified pond. I think I read somewhere that the park around White Rock Lake is about twice the size of Central Park in New York City. I don’t know if that is true.

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