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Be the “Puppet Master”

How to Make a Man Fall in Love with You

Did you notice that this is FAIL proof and Foolproof?  There is hope for me!  I wonder if it will still work after nearly 3o years of marriage? I should probably confess that I have been a sucker for this kind of book since I was 13.  I want the secret of what makes a man “tick”.    I do know that what my husband wants and that is to have control over the tv clicker and for people to not drive slow in the fast lane. Maybe I should write a book?




0 Responses to Be the “Puppet Master”

  • Wow…this book is kind of creepy. It sounds like something you’d find your stalker carrying when she shows up at your house at midnight with a knife and duct tape!

  • It’s a pink book with a heart on it–of course its ideas can’t fail!

  • I’m ashamed to say that someone actually bought this book for me when I was in high school.

  • It’s so very pink. ‘Cause women like stuff to be pink, obviously.

  • I know I’m on the cutting edge when I hear about something on Donahue.

  • Alternative titles:
    How to feel like a mommy to your infantile man
    How to get a worthless man with no backbone
    How to get a man when you’re a beeatch
    How cute girls get stupid men
    Don’t try this at home

  • I wonder is the advice is anything like The Rules? Do the secrets of what a man wants change in 23 years? Funny but most of the young bachlors today were probably playing with transformers back then. I would love to flip through this before weeding.

  • Scientifically tested? Double blind study maybe? Niiice.

  • I especially like the top quote on the back.

  • hey, if you hear about it on Donahue, it must be valuable

  • God, I hope my library has a copy of this.

    Do you think it’s got like, a list of aphrodisiacs you can slip into their drinks? …Holy cow, Rohypnol! I can’t believe it – just seeing the cover of this book and commenting helped me figure it out!!!

  • The author has a Ph. D in dating.

  • I’m DYING to find out what the “magic touch” secret is. Do tell…

  • My question is, will it help me stop getting mauled by drunk guys in Vegas (WITH their girlfriends’ encouragement no less!) and instead get mauled by sober, well dressed, great hygeine, non-smokers?

  • Considering most of Playgirl’s readership was (and still is) gay men, I wonder how many picked up this little gem in anticipation of finding that knight in shining armour?

    Yes, I’ll admit it — I took a peek or two, or three, at this when I saw it on the newsstand. It didn’t help.

  • 1987… but there’s a website on the back. Augh! This means that this book has actually been reprinted!

  • I threw up in my mouth a little.

    This is a book I would not only weed, but personally trot out to the library’s dumpster and maybe throw a lighted cigarette on to.

    I weep for the trees that have died.

  • Well, don’t leave us in suspense — what pearls of wisdom does this scientifically tested, Playgirl-endorsed piece of wonder have to offer????? We’re all sitting at the edges of our seats right now…

  • It’s not so much that he *has* to have the clicker, so long as you click at a lightning-fast pace and don’t leave it on channels or shows that suck.

    That means no HGTV, no Bravo, no Food Network, no Lifetime, nothing Oprah-related, nothing with Fran Drescher, don’t hesitate on Friends, you’ve seen that episode 37 times…keep sailing on past “Mad About You”, do NOT even think about hovering on “Sex and the City”, “According to Jim” is not even remotely amusing, nor is “Two and a Half Men”…no commercials…

    You don’t even look like you’re writing all this down…

  • I really hope this book has just one page with text on it, the words “show ‘im yer boobs” in the middle of the page and nothing else.

  • I want to see more of the ideas inside.Most likely they are,when nude,wrap yourself in plastic wrap,and “present yourself to him”. Great…
    And what’s changed,how to get a man…let’s see:
    get him with sex,food, or hide the remote.

  • Maybe my parents read this; I was conceived and born in ’87 lol.