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How to be pretty in 1974

All You Need to Know About Health & Beauty
Marshall Cavendish Publications Ltd.

Another relic from the 1970s. You can be beautiful with all these helpful beauty and fashion tips. There are even recipes to help you stay beautiful and healthy!

I know I would have wanted to borrow this book as a teen in the olden days. I can’t see too many young people gravitating to this title considering their mother or grandmother was the target market.

Note the lovely “shag” haircut of the early 70s (aka Carol Brady hair) and how the advice seems to be limited for women beyond 30. Evidently “older” women fade into nothingness or are beyond repair.

I did love the blue eye shadow and thin eyebrows back in the day. Ah, youth.


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6 Responses to How to be pretty in 1974

  • I love the body types – tall and thin, tall and plump, short and thin, and short and plump. Very descriptive.

  • A whole thread could be created about Marshall Cavendish books and how many of them are still in public libraries. Anyone else remember “Golden Threads”? I believe that many of them were “installment serials” for the consumer market — “only $2.49 (plus postage and handling) for the first volume. After that you will receive a new selection every four weeks. You will be billed $9.99 (plus postage and handling). If you are not totally satisfied you may quit at any time!”
    Marshall Cavendish is still around, but (thank goodness) not on the installment plan.

  • I am really glad to learn the bags under the eyes are THE sign of aging. . . Although this same book seems to recommend working naked at your desk. Maybe that is after you have the silicon bags put in to increase your bust size. Hmmmm. I think maybe I will go for the natural look this time around.

  • Oh, the shag haircut. Thankfully before my time, but always the subject of much horror. You also have to love the way the language enforces the idea of “fixing” undesirable traits and hiding those traits. Also that line in the introduction about if “your neck looks dingy.” Ew. So much ew.

  • I think tendrils are back in style!