Be Assertive!

The Assertive Librarian coverThe Assertive Librarian

Yes, another librarian title for National Library Week. I hope you are being appreciated and swamped with gifts and cash. (Yeah, me neither.)

My general feeling is that most public service librarians don’t usually have a problem being assertive. When I saw the part on the last picture about hand gestures, immediately I thought of certain hand gestures I would like to share with a few particular people. Yeah, I am looking at you Porn Guy.

Personality aside, most successful librarians have a definite strategy in dealing with the public. If they don’t, they are probably not going to last long. Regardless, this one could use an update!


setting assertive goals

reasons for not being assertive

Emotions and hand gestures



  1. I am a bit disturbed by the men’s version of the hand gesture for “Frustration” …

  2. The cover illustration looks like a smashed window. Maybe you’re supposed to assertively throw them out the window?

  3. Librarian [two hands folded at the fingertips]: “You say you returned you library books? When, exactly?”

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