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Bankruptcy, circa 1976


How to get out of debt

Although I am not an attorney or play one on tv, I am going to go out on a limb and say that maybe, just maybe, some of the laws and issues surrounding bankruptcy might be different from those over 30 years ago.  What particularly frosts me is that this particular library when they automated sometime in the early 90’s (when this book was only 20 years out of date) STILL thought this was worth keeping, took time to bar code it, make ILL notes on the circulation of this book over the years as well as fix up this 5.95 paperback.  I can only guess, but I bet they spent enough of staff time, stickers and bar codes over the years to maybe cover the cost of a newer book! As a side note, even ignoring the obvious problem with currency, this book is also bad even for 1976.  The “forms” they reproduce for the reader are microscopic and nearly impossible to read.

4 Responses to Bankruptcy, circa 1976

  • Seriously? I am still mad about this one. There is no excuse in the WORLD for this to be on the shelves at a public library. In fact, the library that sent us this one is in an area of Michigan that has been particularly affected by the current economic downfall. There are a lot of people in that community who NEED a book about getting out of debt. They’re giving them THIS? Wow. That’s the librarian equivalent to malpractice.

    If the library really can’t afford a new item (and they very well might not), they should clear the shelf space being used up by garbage like this and create a vertical file of recent news and magazine articles that have good, current advice on this topic. Having nothing would be much better than offering this.

  • In fact an entirely new bankruptcy law was passed in 1978. Before 1978 there was the Bankruptcy Act. After 1978, the Bankruptcy Act was replaced with the Bankruptcy Code.

  • The cover is great. May explain why nobody’s weeded it.

  • Put all your money into Woolworths