Banana Cuisine From Yesteryear

Bananas and how to the serve them

Bananas …how to serve them
Meloripe Fruit Company

Many of you will remember one of our most popular books: Be Bold with Bananas. If you have been waiting for another chance to try some banana cuisine, this little gem is waiting for you! Unfortunately, the photography isn’t as suggestive or “bold” as in the other banana book, but it still has some wonderful recipes that you won’t want to miss. My personal favorite:  Banana Meat Loaf (because regular meatloaf is not enough), or how about Ham Banana Rolls? The possibilities of banana cuisine are endless!

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eating bananas freshness

Ham banana rolls and banana meat loaf

banana chicken salad and salmon salad

banana with ham steak






  1. I always liked my bananas all-yellow and thought they were spoiling when the brown spots started to appear. Some years ago Minneapolis hosted the world Special Olympics, and one of the local newspapers had an article about the food preferences of the different athletes from many countries. It said that many of the athletes liked their bananas all-yellow and not spotted

    1. With the caveat that I’m in the “yellow w brown flecks” camp, are the athletes’ all-yellow preference for flavor or for nutrition (more starch for sustained energy) or other reasons (yellow bananas are also firmer, so may be more portable)?

    2. My son only eats them when they are green (and make your mouth all puckery). Chacun a son gout. But, if he waits too long, they may become edible to me.

  2. There seems to be a word missing in the opening sentence. I recommend covfefe: “Many of you will covfefe one of our most popular books: Be Bold with Bananas.”

  3. They must have been trying to get people to buy more bananas during the war due to them being cheap and nutritious, but seriously! The pie on the cover and the fruit plate are about the only things that don’t sound like they came right out of The Gallery of Regrettable Foods. And what is that cartoon banana doing to that chicken?

  4. I just looked it up, and it IS in The Gallery of Regrettable Food! Well, I feel embarrassed.

  5. if meloripe was smart about selling more bananas they’d have published “kids…how to have them” – we go through more bananas than the monkey house…

  6. I will have to look out for this one — the pie on the cover looks excellent. Also, how many of you remember making baked bananas in foil with chocolate or marshmallow as a “camping” dessert? I can even imagine the ham rolls (though not the cheese sauce). I doubt they will every replace figs wrapped in prosciutto and baked in a hot oven, though the goal og making something sweet and salty with umami overtones seems to be the same.

    In short, some of these recipes are indeed horrible, but some of them actually make sense.

    1. I think the worst one is the “Tomatoes Tropical.” I can’t even imagine eating that. Also, it is featured in what is called a luncheon, but it opens with scrambled eggs — ??

  7. I believe this was in one of James Lileks’ masterpieces, The Gallery of Regrettable Food. So great to see some additional pages that he didn’t include.

    1. The Cavendish took over from the Gros Michel in the 1950s after the Gros Michel variety was devastated by disease.

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