Bad Kittehs!

Guide to intelligent Cat TrainingNo Naughty Cats
The first complete guide to intelligent cat training
Pirotin and Cohen

It’s Caturday at ALB!  Of course, without naughty cats there would be no cat videos, no LOL cats, and I am pretty sure the entire Internet would collapse. (Of course, there is now research for this theory!) I am also bossed around on a daily basis by a couple of cats and I am convinced that they are just a set of opposable thumbs away from world domination. I don’t think they can be trained. They train you.

For 1982, this was a fine choice for a pet care collection. As with other technical or medical information, we should treat this information as suspect after 5-10 years. On the idea that cats can be trained? That will be a continuing discussion.


Cat training back cover



  1. My theory is that polydactyl cats are the leaders in the movement to evolve opposable thumbs. When they do, watch out!

  2. You know, I understand that the 80’s were pretty crazy, and that there was a lot of cocaine use, but……. train your cat to love his bath?!?!?

  3. i disagreed with the title until i saw the picture of the kitten and now i completely agree. cats are moody and miserable but still loveable.

  4. I don’t know anything about this particular book or really much about cats, but the 1980s are when positive reinforcement training methods (like the “clicker training” method for training dogs) first began to be popular. At least in dog training, books from that time period are still useful, making me think this isn’t an automatic weed unless you have an updated cat training book.

  5. Cats are trainable, but only listen when they feel like it. My cat knew how to fetch unlike our dog. Pretty sad I know. Plus it’s a myth that all cats hate water. Look up swimming cats on youtube.

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