Friday Fiction – Bad For Each Other

Bad for each other - coverBad For Each Other

For our first Friday Fiction of 2014, we have this lovely romance straight from 1989.  Keely Durant is a red-haired journalist working at a regional magazine. Her tough, but loveable boss tells her that she has scored an interview with the handsome Dylan Tate. Dylan is a superstar actor that also happens to play some sax. This is a giant score for Keely, especially since she doesn’t do entertainment coverage. But wait, there is more! (Of course there is!) Keely also had a torrid love affair with Dylan quite a few years ago and it didn’t go as planned.  Has the passion really gone out of this relationship? I have a feeling it hasn’t.


 Bad for each other back cover

Bad for each other - teaser

Bad for each other excerpt



  1. Hot damn pleated pants!

    Hold up, did you say SLACKS? That’s just another word for sexual chocolate there…

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