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Back to the Future in Fashion Design

Your future in fashion design
Fashion Group

Submitter: This is the 1971 revised edition of a book that was first published in 1966. For a career book on fashion design, it has very few photos. The condition of this book was pretty poor. {Pages falling out and a musty old smell.} Being in poor condition and having out of date data, I would think this one should have been weeded long ago. Nope! Still happily living on my local public library’s shelves.

Holly: Shame on them! What possible purpose could this be serving in a public library? Especially in that condition? Gross.


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3 Responses to Back to the Future in Fashion Design

  • I was a member of The Fashion Group in the later 1970s! The department store where I worked in Advertising then paid our dues. The FG had lectures and events. I can only remember one of those, which had a Russian theme — sumptuous refreshments including caviar and frozen vodka with peppercorns in it; the first time I had frozen vodka. Must have been around the time Yves St. Laurent did that Russian Imperial-folkloric collection…

  • I remember that look! Sumptuous! I notice they don’t have a chapter on haute couture!

  • I see he’s designing for Miley Cyrus…