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Bachelor Pad Economics

bachelor economics cover

Bachelor Pad Economics

Submitter: I bought this book for my college library in order to fill a gap for personal finance books geared toward young men. The description and ratings were good, so even though it was a self-published book I decided to take a chance and order it. To my horror, however, the book was full of crude and misogynistic passages–and completely off topic from finance. As I went through it, it kept getting worse and worse. This book was published in 2013 but sounds like it came from the 50s in its attitudes towards women. Needless to say, this book is never making it to the shelf.

Holly: The author blogs at CaptainCapitalism.com. I Googled some reviews of this book and found mostly positive reviews. One of them did indicate that not everyone will agree with his candid, politically incorrect style, but pretty much said to ignore those parts and keep reading.

Here’s an interview with the author and Ed Drisc0ll on PJ Media. Around 7:52 he talks about how it’s stupid to major in any liberal arts subject.  That includes any major that deals with feelings and emotions, the color of your skin/ethnicity (“Chicano American Studies” was the example given as “stupid”), or English in an English-speaking country. My advice is to know your community before you add this book to the collection.

Holly’s Postscript: Just so we’re clear, I’ve never met Submitter and don’t work at their library. This book has nothing to do whatsoever with my place of work or our policies. The reviews I found *are* mostly positive and I do still suggest knowing your community before you add *any* book to the collection. Let’s not confuse me and my workplace with submitter’s college library or their opinions with mine.



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78 Responses to Bachelor Pad Economics

  • Yeesh. More like “Creepy White Male Douchebag Economics.” All it needs is a couple of endorsements on the back from Fox News contributors and a forward by Ann Coulter to be complete.

    • Apparently! What a scumbag. Glad to hear it won’t be making it onto the shelf, though it’s a shame even a penny had to go to a piece of human garbage like “Ed Drisc0ll”.

  • Wow. What a hate-filled book. I hope all potential girlfriends Google his name first!

  • This might actually be the very worst book that has ever appeared on ALB. At least when you factor in its publication date. This is going to give me a headache that lasts all day!
    -A female liberal arts major who has never had a friend pretend to be a former boss in order to cover a gap in employment

  • I wouldn’t mind at all if this book were burned. It’s that bad. I love how he encourages you to lie to get your job and then a few pages later complains about the negative effect [other people’s] lying could have on your performance rating. Lying’s only OK when you do it, don’t you know.

    The “shit test” was unknown to me, so I looked it up. So you don’t have to do the same, it is a thing in the pickup artist world. http://prospect.org/article/how-pick-artist-philosophy-and-its-more-misogynist-backlash-shaped-mind-alleged-killer Here’s a supposed example of such a test:

    “A woman says, ‘I don’t give out my number.’ … You’ve asked for her number, and she refused. A girl who says this isn’t sufficiently attracted yet. You need more time flirting with her.” So it’s not respecting her “no” and harassing her because you think you have a right to her time, personal space, attention, and phone number.

    I agree with Emma that this is the worst book to have ever appeared on this site.

    • Burning books? You must be a fuckwit. Would I buy this book? No. It reads like a manifesto written by someone living in his parents’ basement who needs to get laid. That in mind, only an elitist, authoritarian bastard would ever call for burning books — censorship in any form is a thought crime against humanity.

  • It’s like hearing Elliot Rodgers’ manifesto all over again. Seriously, it’s like they distilled the worst comments from internet message boards, and then refined them into weapons-grade misogyny.

    • I actually had the same thought. The tone of throbbing resentment is really similar.

  • Well, if he’s still a bachelor, there’s no question why. What a douche-nozzle.

    • “douche-nozzle”. How very apt.

      Please note that this book stands against everything that I, as a man, hold dear: respect, compassion, even love.

      However, is there not an opportunity for a library to hold a book like this as an object for critical study? I don’t watch much TV, but a good friend once said, “don’t turn the tv off, turn your critical faculties on”. I mean, this isn’t an important book, that also happens to be in some way objectionable like Mein Kampf or Lolita, but a call could be made for it to be kept in a college library as a useful text with which to understand some parts of society.

      I’d still only handle it with tongs though.

      • Let’s not confuse Mein Kampf, which has genuine historical significance, and Lolita, which isn’t advocacy, for heaven’s sake, but a beautifully written and critically esteemed 20th century classic, with the work of a fringe blogger who was willing to pay extra to put his work on paper.

  • How is this not self-published?

  • I need a shower in Lysol after reading this.

  • Wow.



  • It seems like the only redeeming quality (and very, very little at that) is the very last paragraph of the last page.

    Talk about male chauvinistic pig, and a regular @$$hole of the highest caliber. I have had some boyfriends like this, but this guy takes the gold- no platinum- where as they were bronzes, or did they even place compared to this guy?

  • I can definitely see why it was self-published. He definitely deserves the infinite phone calls from his publisher, asking him if he wants to renew/revise/republish his publication. What a … Gee, I can’t think of a polite word to describe this guy. It stuns me to believe that this guy even managed to live to the 21st century, seeing as how he seems to be stuck in the 19th…

  • 512 pages?! You’ve got to be kidding me.

    All but one of the reviews on Amazon are uber-positive. How is that possible with this kind of content?

    • Are you sure they aren’t satirical? Real trash frequently generates “positive” reviews that, on close inspection, are really the opposite.

    • The author probably wrote the reviews himself. After all, he apparently knows more than anyone else (see his notes on how ignorant managers are), so why not let everyone else know what he knows to be true? It occurs to me that no one else quite knows how to appreciate his genius and his “charm.”

    • Well, duh, he got his friends to lie about him again!

      • Wait…he has friends?

        • He claimed to, at least — the ones that lied for him in his job search. I am sure if you turn over enough rocks you will find some kindred spirits for him.

    • There are a lot of people like him out there, and he probably asked them to rate his book. I feel like one of the bad things about the internet is that it enables people with dangerous ideas to get together and get more dangerous, more numerous, and more brazen. I would negatively review this book on Amazon, but I fear the harassment that would result. I’m not confident that my true identity would remain protected and do not wish to have these scary people after me online or in real life.

    • Unfortunately, it is really the current fashion to denigrate women and to be generally a massive douche to anyone trying to be anything other than a massive douche. Our society has basically been taken over by 4chan. :/

    • Paid reviews. It’s quite common for self-published authors to solicit reviews on freelancing websites so they can build a base of glowing reviews to bolster sales.

    • On the topic of Amazon’s reviews, I just looked up the notorious “creation science” school book
      which had the word “creation” hastily and imperfectly removed at a late stage of editing, and replaced with “intelligent design”.

      Wikipedia says about its 2007 reissue or “sequel”, “William Dembski wrote in his blog, Uncommondescent, that ‘The Design of Life ‘had 9 five star reviews, and only a single one star review on Amazon.com on December 5, 2007. California State University emeritus professor Mark Perakh has written that he believes Dembski and his associates at the Discovery Institute are deceitfully manipulating the Amazon.com review system to promote their own work and denigrate the work of their adversaries.” Right now it has 100 reviews and 3 stars, but that isn’t to say that Amazon ratings can’t still be manipulated.

      I expect that library circulation statistics can be, too. Intelligent design is creationism rewritten by and for lying thieving cowards who deny their God and who should be ashamed of themselves, but that isn’t a specific accusation. I just think that people ought to know.

  • Yeah, we wimmenfolk had to go messing up the world by insisting on basic human rights. How ANNOYING of us.

    Someone should tell him The Stepford Wives were fictional.

  • “I don’t care *what* scientists who know what they’re talking about say; I don’t care what women themselves say–I am obviously the foremost expert on what women want and you should *definitely* listen to me.” O_o

  • With all this man’s fine advice (especially the backhanded compliment) and Neanderthal thoughts toward women, one can only wonder what made him into such an insecure A**HOLE? Now I feel kinda bad I have insulted Neanderthals.

  • Well, that devolved quickly into an unhinged rant of a petulant manbaby. Jeez. You think someone’s had some issues with women in the past? I’d be offended, but this is so ridiculous that I almost can’t. Almost. And WTF does this have to do with finances? The only thing remotely related to finances is the part on how the husband should control all the couples’ finances, thereby making it impossible for the wife to leave him. That’s known as “financial abuse” and is common in abusive relationships as a form of isolation of the victim. The rest is just pissbaby white guy misogynist (and racist) vitriol.

  • Don’t let her get a master’s degree–she might realize that her slacks are more mature than you are!

  • I wonder how he would react to meeting me – a democratic socialist feminist with a degree in history AND with a career in insurance, i.e. a financial product? I think his skull might explode from this amaaaaaaazing paradox.

  • Here’s the thing: As utterly reprehensible as most of this garbage may be,

    1) there are some brutally honest, if not tactfully expressed, truths in there (children DO need both parents to raise them, for example, or at least more than a single parent); and…..

    2) I would challenge all you librarians to guarantee us that you don’t have something on your shelves that doesn’t rise to almost the same level of misandry in the women-talking-to-women-about-men department. It’s hard to find a library that doesn’t keep Cosmopolitan on its periodical racks, but I’ve seen amazingly vapid and offensive writing in that publication, almost to this level if inanity and nonsense (sometimes just on the cover!). And if I dared to peruse the shelves of “Women’s Studies,” I’m sure I could find several books decreeing all men are rapists, repressive cavemen, or the like. And “African-American Studies”? Are you absolutely certain you don’t have a book by someone proclaiming “all whites are the Devil” or similar sentiments? Heck, got a Bible or Koran?

    I personally agree that this book is a ridiculous throwback to the philosophy expressed in Playboy in the 1950s. If he only didn’t have some truths mixed in, you could stick a “PARODY” sticker on it and file it in the humor section. But refusing to shelve books because you disagree with what they say is, to my eye, as bad or worse than the balderdash expressed in it. I mean, I’m sure you can find patrons that would find Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, or Michael Moore and Al Franken, equally offensive, distasteful, fraudulent, and reprehensible. Should we just ban all those books and stock nothing but picture books of cute kittens, pandas, and unicorns [bleep]ing rainbows??? This author may not deserve our monetary support, but were you really designated as the “Thought Police”?

    As for Amazon reviews, as we should have all learned by now, it’s easy to “stuff” Amazon listings with positive reviews, to the point where there are folks who make a hobby of writing patently ridiculous reviews for certain products strictly as entertainment. But I’ve come to beware and be skeptical of polarized reviews as much as all-glowing reviews.

    • Are you the author?

    • 1. I don’t agree at all that this is a universal truth (thanks for slamming all the single parents out there for doing an inferior job!)

      2. “Cosmopolitan”, while vapid, is a lifestyle magazine and doesn’t pretend to be a serious “personal finance book,” which this book does claim to be.

      • “Cosmopolitan” also focuses largely on how to look hot for dudes, attract dudes, and give dudes awesome sex. That’s like… the opposite of misandry. Or is the mere fact that it doesn’t target men directly but is a women’s mag what makes it misandrical? Women write for it, the audience is women… does each woman involved in production raise the misandry quotient simply by not being a man? Or something? That’s just a really weird example to wave as misandry.

        I also have NEVER read any serious writing that advocates men be barred from higher ed, constantly insulted so they know their place, forced to stay home to care for children, not allowed to handle any money, be constantly reminded (by their romantic partners, no less) that they’re stupid and make bad choices. Do women sometimes vent about men, the dominant members of society? Yup. Does ANYONE take that venting seriously? Only whiny pissbabies worried about OMG MISANDRY!!!!!!!! while making more per hour than all the women they work with. Do people take seriously the EXACT same arguments when presented about women? You bet, including teachers, college professors, employers, police officers, judges, and lawmakers. FUN TIMES.

    • You gave yourself away when you dropped “brutally honest” and “misandry,” Aaron. Nice try, though. Go back to crying into your fedora.

    • Thanks for saying this, because it’s the truth.

      Whack-job religious freaks in the Bible-belt (my family) burn books because they don’t agree with the content.

      It sad to see that enlightenment isn’t so enlightened.

      If you don’t like the book, don’t recommend it. But censorship shouldn’t be left to any individual.

      • Exactly.

      • Simply not including something in a library isn’t censorship. No library can possibly contain books on every possible subject and opinion. As the post said, this library was looking for a personal finance book for young men and ended up with this, which is not what they were looking for.

        If they had ended up with a book that was pictures of grown men dressed as elephants helping you with basic addition, it probably wouldn’t be included either, but that doesn’t mean that the library is trying to stop grown men from dressing like elephants and counting, just that it’s not the book they were looking to fill a particular niche.

        • One person said she would ban it because she didn’t approve of the content. That censorship, and it’s individual censorship, and it’s wrong.

          No one single person has a right to decide this for themself.

    • I totally agree with you. Library’s are about transparency. We have freedom of speech in this country and this is just a simple example of it no matter how offensive it may be to some. In my library we have books and all sorts of stuff as the person above described about women bashing men, black bashing white, or vice versa. The cool thing about the library is that you can choose what information you’re looking for and how you will be entertained. If you’re a good librarian you should not let your personal ideologies’ play a roll into your decision making as far as acquiring books.

      • Interesting that this ignorant comment is full of errors in grammar and punctuation…However, I’d like to point out that there is such a thing as a standard of decency, even now in our anything-goes era. This book appears to have “no redeeming social value,” as the criterion for categorizing something as pornography used to state. How many libraries would purchase and offer something like “A Handbook for Human Trafficking?” That would be about as odious.

      • The catch is that what was wanted was content about “personal finance books geared toward young men”, and apparently this was described as that but it isn’t. Having said that, on reflection, the reference to a “bachelor pad” in the title takes us back to the 1950s – I know there was a TV show recently that used it, but, still……

        As an aside, if you’ve got your own pad then your personal finances either are not any kind of problem or are about to smack you hard in the face.

      • We don’t. My library is full of stuff that pisses me off and I bought a lot of it. But being published doesn’t give a book an automatic right to be purchased. Sh!t is sh!t. And clearly, this book is sh!t.

    • Man, it is freaking clockwork…mention feminist and some dimension comes along to whine about insanity..who can’t be added to do his own legwork and go to the library to properly cite some if this alleged insanity.

    • Aw, MRAs even troll library sites. There’s no escaping them.

  • My advice is to know your community before you add this book to the collection.

    Lady, if you live in a community where this kind of book would circulate without generating furious letters of complaint demanding that whoever authorised its addition to the collection be fired, I strongly advise you to sell your house and move a minimum of three hundred miles away.

  • Ideology is one thing. Quality is another.

  • I think it’s safe to say that this man has a very small penis. Also, an incompetent sexual partner is known to be a leading cause of failure to orgasm.
    A female, financially competent, molecular biology PhD candidate, raised in a daycare system

  • I’m adding this to my ALB alphabet for “B”, alongside “D” and “S”.

  • Alternatively, this book could also be titled Mommy Issues: The Novel. Because that’s the only reasoning I can come up with for a 512-page book that’s basically one long, horribly misogynist diatribe, masquerading as financial advice. I pray this man never marries or has children; I honestly fear for their lives.

    On the other hand, if this is actually satire (which I’m doubting), it’s one of the best I’ve seen in a while!

  • This is the most entertaining thing I’ve read in weeks. The review and comments, I mean. Thanks.

  • Funny, I don’t remember “Until fat do us part” in the wedding vows my husband and I said.

    • No, that would only have been in the guy’s vows, right before the statement that if he gets tired of being married, he can just move 1500 miles away, leaving behind all his s*it. At least, that was in my husband’s vows, apparently.

  • Wow, 63 comments — I wonder if that is a record, or near it? At least for a post that is not offering something.

  • The description of the Amazon reviews make me think of a humor book that quoted a review on the back as “the most amazing load of … facts … ever published.”
    Really horrible. And yes, even if the author favors a 1950s outlook on relationships, “bachelor pad” sounds absurdly out of date.
    I’m quite bemused by his assertion on the last page above that you have to let your wife live her own life and find out what she wants. I’m wondering if there’s some sort of twist on the following page.

    • You mean, as in “As long as she sticks to my pre-approved diet and exercise plan, stays home with the kids to the point of not going anywhere without them, gives up all financial control to me, and eschews all foolish notions for special romantic things to do on our anniversary besides screwing me, she has free reign to do as she pleases”? Sounds like the perfect life if you ask me! [/blatant sarcasm]

  • This book just sent the entire world back about 100 years. I would suggest recycling it into toilet paper, which is actually useful, but it’s already full of…

  • This book is written by a MAN for MEN- not for women. It’s straight forward with no bullshit or political correctness. A masterpiece for men! Get over it ladies.

    • Oh, I beg to differ — it is almost completely bullshit.

    • How sad for the women you may choose to woo. I would argue that men aren’t all the same. Some men actually like and respect women. Some men don’t lie during job interviews. Some men believe that employers should provide benefits to their employees – that it is not a leftist “girl” value, it’s a human value. The author is a man who espouses “conservative values” while also wanting to treat and use women like sex objects. This is a book that the pundits on Fox must love. It’s political as well as misogynist. So if you place yourself in that camp, no wonder you think it’s a masterpiece. And no, I don’t take commands from men to “get over it.” My daughters and many other women and girls need us to step up and speak out. And no, I can’t take a joke, when thousands of women and girls struggle every day just to survive because men are in power, when thousands of women and girls are raped everyday and used as tools in genocide and wars, no, I just don’t have much of a sense of humor about men whining about girls getting some power.

      • Thank you for reminding me why I hate American women. You are exactly what i can’t stand. You want to step up and speak out? Pay your own damn bills and leave men alone. I think this book is excellent and it’s very accurate on describing how to handle women and make sure the man is the boss. Shut up honey. You don’t automatically deserve respect just because you are female.

        • And you don’t automatically deserve respect because you are male.

          As for paying our own bills, I have paid my own bills or my half of them my entire adult life. And by “adult,” I mean starting at 17 when I moved out of the house, not the mid-20s that seems to be the norm these days. I put myself through undergrad working part-time (scholarship for tuition) and grad school working full-time. I have busted my knuckles next to my husband renovating three houses. I have made his ambitions a priority. So don’t you dare make snide comments to me about women paying their own bills.

          Oh, and I adore my husband and bring him coffee in bed. Clearly, I hate men.

          And as for the book — I have given this a lot of thought. If it’s well-edited and has enough financial advice in it, there’s no reason to keep it off the shelves. Yes, I think it’s really bad advice with an appalling message, but there are a lot of books on the shelf in the library that offer really bad advice (say…. 90% or so of diet books, and every anti-vax title.) I’ve seen white supremacist diatribes in a public library. We should not refuse to stock it over content we disagree with.

        • Whoa. You don’t even know me. I have never asked you or any other male to pay my bills. I pay my own bills and always have. You want women to leave you alone, but you also want to learn how to handle them and be the boss? Guys like you are exactly why I have to speak out. Women do automatically deserve respect because they are human.

        • My head is still spinning from that comment. You hate American women because they expect to be treated with respect. Who raised you and how? Why do want to dominate a woman? Why do you believe that women should be dominated by men in general? Are you a member of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints? Considering the level of violence against women in our country and the rest of the world, I find your attitude chilling.

    • Saying it’s written for men doesn’t make it any less bullshit.

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  • For the record…I’m clearly not the submitter and I don’t work at that college library.