Awful Call Number

Three Days in Moscow
What's with those kids?

Pumpkin Pumpkin coverPumpkin Pumpkin

Holly: Juvenile humor alert! I’m sorry, but this is just funny.

Submitter: Not an awful library book but an awful call number. We circulate oversize picture books and use the call number Youth Big First 3 letters of author’s last name.  The book is Pumpkin, Pumpkin by Jeanne Titherington (1986) – hence the call number Youth Big Tit.

Holly: Bahahahahahaha! Ok, everyone, back to your daily grind. You’re welcome.

Call number label


  1. LOL. The tags at a local toy store used a three-letter code for the word ‘assorted,’ which meant one time I bought something labeled “BEANIE BABY ASS.”

  2. Yeah, that’s a sorting code that is fraught with possibilities. Authors named Cochrane, Dixon, Butler, Balmer, Bumstead, and many others would run afoul of it….

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