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Avoiding AIDS for the Ladies

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How to Eliminate the Risks Without Giving Up Love and Sex

Considering the date of this publication, this was an interesting take on the AIDS pandemic. At the time, it was still thought of as primarily a gay man’s disease.  Kaplan has some details on how women can protect themselves from AIDS by testing and modifying sex practices. Women were not considered at serious risk The book was not without controversy as it did not believe that condoms alone were enough protection.

I would imagine this book is a possibility for a university collection. However, this particular edition was found in a small public library’s health collection. This isn’t just old information, it is ANCIENT by today’s standard for medical information and with what we know about HIV today.  At ALB this is a prime example of why weeding is necessary. HIV research and information was changing daily. Even in the late 80s I would hope that librarians would be monitoring the changes in public health information.


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2 Responses to Avoiding AIDS for the Ladies

  • Any books that states that it is currently unknown if you can catch AIDS via saliva needs to be shredded NOW. I expect that was accurate to scientific knowledge in 1987, but it must have been established not long after that the virus could not be transmitted in that way.

  • It’s embarrassing how ignorant we were back then, even though I was still a kid. I remember telling my brother not to use my toothbrush (which he occasionally did) because it could give me AIDS, and he got really angry and smacked me for saying such a terrible word. Of course, there are at least a million other diseases you can get from sharing toothbrushes…