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avoidance of baldness coverAvoidance of Baldness

Submitter: This one sounds pretty innocuous. Until you read additional text on the cover and the table of contents.   Then I don’t know what to think.

Holly: Chapter 7: “Dreams as Contributing Factor” and Chapter 9: “Incidents among Winos and Vagrants” are intriguing.  Oh! And Chapter 14: “Incidence in a Communist Society” too.  Apparently communism causes baldness??  The appendices on nearsightedness and knock-knee are just bonuses, I guess.  This is bizarre.  And old.

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  1. I am sending this to my (bald) husband. I’m sure he will be particularly interested in the chapter on Winos and Vagrants.

  2. Knock knees probably still exist in those women who practice the aspirin form of contraception. I wonder what his take on near-sightedness was?

  3. L.B. asked it knock-knees still exist. Of course they do! 1000s of children are treated for them each year in the US. Most straighten on their own, sometimes surgery is needed. Like bowed-legs.
    The book? Hilarious subtitles. I would have thought this was published much longer ago than the 80s. Communism is a cause of baldness? It was just blamed for divorce a few days ago.

  4. Hmmm….don’t be too quick to judge. I am a balding male who has often wondered about the thick heads of hair among “winos and vagrants.” My unscientific study has them well ahead of the general population in terms of hair. P.25 may hold the answers!

  5. Arg! I remember a movie I saw on tv a long time ago in the 80s – two men were eating lunch and one was balding. The balding one talked about homeless men and their hair and his theory was something along the lines that because homeless men don’t bathe or shampoo they don’t lose their hair.

    I wish I could remember what movie it was so I could find that scene. It would go SO WELL with this book!

  6. The awkward language (“and how anyone may do so easily too”) reads like a bad translation.

    New trivia question: What do winos, Communists, and dreams have in common?

  7. Love the doughnuts link! But the other 3 links aren’t working for me. Looks like the URL was typed in twice. Guess I can just figure it out myself. But just letting you know! Fun post. AH, baldness.

  8. Of the Communism and baldness: there is a popular Russian joke. According to it, balding and hairy leaders ruled the Soviet Union in turns; the balding ones tended to be more liberal and progressive while the hairy ones more authoritarian. Judge for yourselves:

    Lenin: balding

    Stalin: hairy

    Khruschev: balding

    Brezhnev: hairy

    Andropov: balding (but not “liberal” at all)

    Chernenko: hairy

    Gorbachev: balding

    After the dissolution of the USSR, the trend reverts. Now the hairy ones are “liberal”:

    Yeltsin: hairy

    Putin: balding

    Medvedev: hairy

    Putin again: still balding.

    I bet the author could write a thesis using these data!

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