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Mary Kelly

Have a Tuna Adventure!

tuna recipes as you like it cover

Tuna: As You Like It
Tuna Research Foundation
1968 (?)

As a Midwestern kid from the 1960s, tuna casserole was a staple in my mom’s kitchen. It was cheap and easy to make. To this day, tuna casserole is one of the basic comfort foods at my house. Tuna recipes featured in this little book, however, leave a lot to be desired.

Using a theater/performance theme throughout the book, the authors have done their best to make tuna interesting. Love the opening line:

“Open a can of tuna and you open up a tale of adventure…”

Who knew?


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Advice for Stylin’ Guys

style guy cover

The Style Guy

O’Brien was GQ magazine’s fashion columnist until 2015. (He evidently blasted GQ in an interview and resigned.) His advice column talked about everything from fashion advice to etiquette. None of it is particularly timeless. I wasn’t too impressed, but I am not the target market. Maybe it was cool in 2000, but jokes about porn and other sexually charged topics fall flat. This particular book hadn’t left the shelves in a decade, so I think we can safely retire it.


PS As I was googling around for the author, I found out that O’Brien passed away this past April.

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Waiting to Die

title page of the old person in your home

The Old Person in Your Home

In the author’s introduction, he complains how young people treat the elderly with disdain. The author wants us to know that the elderly are not a drag and that they have much to teach us. The remaining chapters talk about the transition, family dynamics and boundaries with the elderly relatives, as well as health concerns. Based on the topics, I would have said this was an appropriate purchase for the late 1960s and 1970s.

There is an assumption that the elderly will be “difficult” and resist ceding authority to the new head of household. It also assumes that the woman will be doing the nursing/care giving. There is also some helpful advice about re-distributing chores like mending and child care to Grandma. (Grandpa evidently doesn’t have any responsibilities.) I can appreciate the need for frank talk about care giving, but this book isn’t going to help anyone now.

Not getting any younger,



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