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Mary Kelly

“Real” Eskimos




People of Alaska

I am always a bit concerned when any kind of social studies type material for kids is this old.  I also know that there are many cultures that make up the native peoples of Alaska.  I was under the impression that use of Eskimo was not appropriate and that Inuit or Yupik were preferred terms.   I would love it if someone could correct me on this.

Another irritation is the description in WorldCat:

Describes the past and present way of life of the “Real People,” the Eskimos of Alaska.

Do you think that the folks over at the  “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks might like this?  I had no idea that the people of Alaska were not real!


You can be a Cop!

Careers with a Police Department

This book is perfect for kids—if they were born in 1965.  Please get a new version of this book!

How about this picture of the guy from the bomb squad.  Does this look scary to you?

Or how about this robbery detective that is investigating a burglary?

This guy is using a computer to make a bust! Or maybe he is updating his facebook account.

Finally some lady cops working Juvenile Crime!  Or maybe they are just the secretaries… Actually that guy sitting on the desk looks like my junior high social studies teacher. Love the jacket!


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What makes TV work?

What Makes TV Work?

Love this cover!  Actually given the age, this particular book was in great shape.  I do have issues with the currency.  No mention of digital tv, DVR or hundreds of channels.

I had to explain to my kids that I only had 3 channels growing up and that was depending on the weather.  In addition, we actually had to get up out of a chair to change the channel.    I also remember having to stand with the rabbit ears in a certain place to get a decent picture.  Kids today have it so easy!