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Mary Kelly

Death for Kids

The Kids’ Book of Death and Dying
by and for kids

Lately, all the books I have come in contact with have been depression and death oriented.  I wonder if I am putting out some kind of bad vibe lately?  Hmmm.  Of course death and dying as a subject matter are appropriate topics for both adults and kids.  This particular title, with the overly cheerful tone is bothersome. My first instinct was to laugh when I picked this title up.  Don’t forget that all materials can age and even if the content is great, the title and cover art can put off a a potential user.

Dying to be your librarian,


It’s a bad trip, man

Bad Trips
Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Drugs

Good Lord!  Every time I think I have weeded these another one pops up.  It is starting to feel like “whack a mole”.  If you are a regular on this blog, you know we have featured quite a few from this series.  When will the madness end?  More ridiculous photos illustrate this volume too.   Enjoy and anyone want to hazard a guess on how long before another one comes up on my radar?  Give you a hint:  the inside flap tells me are over 30 volumes in Series 2 and over 20 in series 1 so I am guessing something will pop again before too long.

Busy with ‘Bad Trips’ to the stacks,


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To catch a predator

Never Say Yes To A Stranger

I plucked this from a youth non fiction collection of a small library.  Was ready to toss just because its old, but the content starting creeping me out and I kept thinking this was a bit too graphic and scary for youth.   This book is filled with kidnapping scenarios that would scare the wits out of anyone.  I like the idea of stranger awareness but this one is just too much.  Using photos, the author illustrates an actual abduction and resolution.  Very detailed.  Keep in mind I have only included about half the number of pictures, but you will get the drift of the story. Continue reading