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Mary Kelly

A Parent Management System

Who’s in Charge?
A Positive Parenting Approach To Disciplining Children

You know I love the parenting books. (They are so optimistic!)  This is such a cool cover.  Note the mother’s calm demeanor.  What you can’t see is the cocktail and the gun.  This book is full of helpful charts and graphs.  ( I have often whipped out a powerpoint detailing my “issues” when my teens need some serious parenting–Totally works!)  The whole thing reminds me of a horrible performance evaluation form.  Maybe the parent will issue a TPS report after filling out the chart.

FYI friends, I graduated my last child May 27 and have now taken up the moniker of “parent emeritus”.



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Just Say NO to drugs!

Celebrity Drug Use
The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Drugs

I believe the point of this volume was to de-glamorize drugs.  The result is a pretty boring book and probably created to “fill out” the big encyclopedia set. There is a bit of history of drug legislation but that is about it–not exactly a wealth of information.  When I weeded this little number it had barely seen the light of day.  However, there are some lovely celebrity photos from the 80’s worth sharing.  Enjoy!


Cat training?

Training you to Train your Cat

Don’t you love the optimism of thinking you can train a cat?  Of course as a librarian I am obligated to own a cat or two.  I think a free kitten comes with membership in the ALA.  I would also like to comment that this book had very few circs in super long career in the library.  My theory is that if you have a cat, you don’t believe that you can train them so this title gets ignored. Just in case you want a few insider secrets on cat training, here are some pictures to get you started.  This first picture is training a cat to jump up on a table. (This concerns me since I have always wanted cats to NOT jump on a table)

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