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Mary Kelly

Motor City Special

Man and the Motor CarMan and the Motor Car
Center for Safety Education

This book has just tickled me no end!  I have had a ball looking at this very old driver’s education text.  What a hoot! My car loving friends will certainly enjoy this nostalgic book.  My secret submitter also took great care of this gem and it doesn’t look its age at all!  What a find!  Not surprisingly, a bunch of Michigan libraries and archives have this in the collection.  (We are the home of the Auto!  Go Detroit!)  What I was wondering about were the dozens of public libraries and a few high school libraries that had this in a regular collection…hmmm?


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Best of Awful Library Books 2009

There must be some kind of law on the interwebs that we do a “best of” or “year in review” list. The links listed below are not necessarily the most awful, but they sure either got us laughing or generated a bunch of comments.  We are sure that you all have a favorite post too, and we hope you share your choices.

Remember, the choices for our website usually come from our particular experience in public libraries.  Every library has a different mission and serves a different clientele.   ALB endorses a solid collection management plan that remembers the mission of the library and service to the library user.

Thanks to all the regulars on our site that make this the most interesting collection development discussion around!  Go Libraries!

So, in no particular order, here are Mary and Holly’s Best of the Worst of 2009.

Just For Men

Be honest, who doesn’t love the mullet?

Oh Canada

Canada is so AWESOME!

A Passion for Donkeys

Because everyone needs a passion for something…

House of Hair

Because Dee Snider is way cooler now than when this book came out.

Build Your Own Coffins for Pets and People

Woodworking for the macabre.

Hanging Out: the Upside Down Exercise Book

Just plain funny.

What’s Wrong with my Snake?

Just glove up!

Don’t Make Me Go Back Mommy:
A Child’s Book about Satanic Ritual Abuse

Without question, this got the most comments and sparked the most discussion.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Mary and Holly

Our Jewish Neighbors

Our Jewish NeighborsGetting Acquainted with Jewish Neighbors

I think we can include this in our geography material, even though Israel didn’t exist until 1948.  I am going to cut this book some slack given the time it was published.  The intent was to educate on Jewish culture and religion.  That said, how is this helpful for a contemporary collection?  My favorite of the contents:  “Why bother to get acquainted with Jews?”   This belongs in an archive, not in a public library.

Happy Hanukkah

Mary and Holly

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