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Mary Kelly

It’s Raining Dogs and Turtles?

Beyond Basic Dog TrainingBeyond Basic Dog Training

Alert submitter said she couldn’t stop looking at this cover. For the love of all that is canine, why are turtles “jumping” barriers on the front cover?   Is the dog about to eat the turtles?  Are turtles capable of tricks like jumping over little metal things?  Of course the mother of all questions, is this a book on how to train your dog to train your turtles? Very impressive dog, not to mention impressive turtles…

Again, my expertise in dog training is limited to episodes of the Dog Whisperer.  Dog people, please advise!


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I Can Be a Nurse

I can be a nurseI Can Be A Nurse

Is it just me or do these student nurses look a bit over done? It almost seems  like a casting call for Rocky Horror.
I think we can all agree that nursing as a career is very different from what is portrayed here.  I was lurking around other catalogs the other night when I couldn’t sleep and the number of old career books for both adults and youth is almost shameful.  So what we have learned today?
–I have a sick hobby of surfing library catalogs when I can’t sleep
— Career sections need attention


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What makes TV work?

What makes TV work?What Makes TV Work?

Love this cover!  Actually given the age, this particular book was in great shape.  I do have issues with the currency.  No mention of digital tv, DVR or hundreds of channels.

I had to explain to my kids that I only had 3 channels growing up and that was depending on the weather.  In addition, we actually had to get up out of a chair to change the channel.    I also remember having to stand with the rabbit ears in a certain place to get a decent picture.  Kids today have it so easy!