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Marriage is one my favorite topics here at ALB, and I encourage you to do a quick search in your catalog and see what awfulness bursts forth. I came across a bunch of marriage titles, and none of them was clever enough to warrant a separate post, so I thought I would toss them together in a nice pile of awfulness for your consideration.  Nothing is particularly horrible, just dated and worthy of weeding since the references and data are way too old to be of use to the general user.  Click here and here for some awesome previous posts on marriage and weddings.   Enjoy!


Love and Marriage
A Guide for Young People
Avery and Johannis

I did laugh at the estimate of the cost of raising a child and hospital birth, as well as one couple’s estimate of what they could earn and save for a new car.

A Psychologist Looks at Marriage

And just in case you haven’t caught your man yet try this title!

Marrying Later Marrying Smarter
How women over 30 can use their savvy and experience to attract exciting, marriageable men

Open Marriage? All the cool kids are doing it!

open marriage cover

Open Marriage:  A New Life Style for Couples
O ‘Neill
Any baby boomers out there remember this controversial title?  (I believe my mom called it a “cheating manual”.)  Of course this WAS an appropriate (if controversial) choice in the early 1970’s.  It really does belong in an archive. The condition of this particular title is in pretty bad shape and should be weeded on condition alone.  If you get beyond the groovy pop psychology talk,  it is basically saying that one single person can’t be responsible for fulfilling all a marriage partner’s needs.  The controversial part of this book is the chapter that questions sexual monogamy.  I know this title is significant for the time and should be kept in a collection– probably in a university or large library with a broad psychology/marriage collection.  Any marriage experts/psychology people want to comment on the viability of this title in a popular materials collection for a public library?  In the meantime, enjoy a few of these morsels.

(married for 28 years and too tired to open up the marriage to anyone else)

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Secrets of Stonehenge

A Closer Look
1979 (not verified)

The copy I found was poorly cataloged and I have not been able to truly verify the author and pub date from my scant information.  However gotta love anything that purports to give you special powers from Stonehenge.  No folks, you do NOT find this in the archeology section but filed with your other materials on unexplained.  Since I am out of my league, I would love some info from anyone familiar with this title.