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Boys have feelings?

Boys have feelings too
Growing up Male for Boys

Is it just me or are there a LOT more of these welcome to puberty books for girls rather than boys?  We have featured a  few here on ALB that are worth another look.  (Click here or here for some past posts.)  This one isn’t too bad, but I can’t see anyone, male or female, finding anything helpful.  Very little on sexual health and more on “how to be a man” with some “it is okay to cry” kind of chapters.  Sorry fellas, it needs to go.  Go ahead and have a good cry, you’ll feel better.


How to be a girl

Everything You Need to Know about
Growing Up Female

Actually I think you can never have too many health/sex education materials available to a wide variety of upper elementary and teen students.  Tidying up the library I always find these kinds of titles stashed under chairs and jammed behind shelves.  I know they are getting used even if I don’t have circ numbers to back me up.  (I would segue into a deep conversation on how circ numbers don’t do teen library usage justice, but that would probably only interest me and maybe Holly if I bribe her with a beer.) There really isn’t anything particularly wrong with this title.  It’s just old and the pictures look dated.  Like the counterparts in the adult section I think the 5 year or so rule should apply.  Go weed teen health everyone!


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Teen health and David Bowie

Anorexia and Bulimia
Facts About Series

You all know I have had it with teen nonfiction sections that seem to harbor old books.  ‘Nuff said.  Fast forward to the other day when I came across this book .  I was mid rant when I noticed the bedroom decor  featuring David Bowie.  Look familiar?   Remember the posting on teen pregnancy where another sad 80’s teen had a David Bowie bedroom?  (Click here to refresh your memory!) Now it seems our poor teen not only is pregnant but now has bulimia.  She really needs a better family or therapist.  I smell reality tv series!



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