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Mary Kelly

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You can be a mom and have a career!

The Part-Time Solution
The New Strategy for Managing Your Career While Managing Motherhood

I had my first child in 1990 and I thought that all of these advice books (many featured on ALB) were mostly useless. I think I personally read most of them. The assumption was always there are choices and options for working.  I remember exactly ZERO women with “choices”.  Add in a nice pile of judgment and guilt for both stay-at-home moms and working moms, and you have a recipe for a nice little mental breakdown.

Of course in 2014, this book is so outdated for many reasons. Technology and economic hardship of the last decade have rendered this book obsolete. Weed it and don’t look back.


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Your Friday Funny: Nuclear War Fun Book

The Nuclear War Fun Book
Langer and Thomas

Didn’t have any cool fiction to share this week, but I did find this in my pile of weird books. I really didn’t expect to find this book still hanging around in a library, but I was wrong. WorldCat has a bunch of holdings and many are in public libraries. This humor book is certainly a product of the time. I was of the generation that hid under school desks in order to avoid The Bomb. This cracks me up. After you survive the atomic bomb from this book, you can get all your post nuclear holocaust activities and fun in this one.

It’s a blast!


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How to be pretty in 1974

All You Need to Know About Health & Beauty
Marshall Cavendish Publications Ltd.

Another relic from the 1970s. You can be beautiful with all these helpful beauty and fashion tips. There are even recipes to help you stay beautiful and healthy!

I know I would have wanted to borrow this book as a teen in the olden days. I can’t see too many young people gravitating to this title considering their mother or grandmother was the target market.

Note the lovely “shag” haircut of the early 70s (aka Carol Brady hair) and how the advice seems to be limited for women beyond 30. Evidently “older” women fade into nothingness or are beyond repair.

I did love the blue eye shadow and thin eyebrows back in the day. Ah, youth.


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