Hoarding is not collection development

Mary Kelly

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The How and Why Wonder Book of Dinosaurs

Like any good librarian, I get that dinosaur books are gold and absolutely essential in any collection. I have a pack of regulars at my library that will set me straight on the quality of dino books without hesitation. This is an example of one that had to go. First, boring pictures that look like some bad claymation models. Second, according to my dino kids, a brontosaurus is not a real dinosaur. Finally, real dinosaurs are much cooler looking than these pictures.

Time for a new dino book.


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Real Life is Marriage and Kids


Personal Adjustment
Marriage and Family Living
3rd Edition

This gem turned up in a donation pile at our library and of course I had to wade through it. The photos were just perfect!

WorldCat doesn’t show any public or school libraries with this outdated book, but a handful of universities do have a copy. Given the number of editions published this was evidently a popular choice for home ec or health curriculums for high schools and possibly college.

Although clearly outdated, these authors do present equality driven arguments such as the home is both the husband and wife’s responsibility, and money should be managed together.  There is even a discussion of children of unwed mothers and children and legal standing that is quite enlightened for the time. This wasn’t as bad as I had thought, given the age of this edition.



Home Ec Memories

Home Ec-50′s Style

I want to be a “likeable” teen (don’t miss the wonderful recipe for Prune Salad)

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I’m a Nurse, Not a Woman


Nurse into Woman
1948 (original copyright 1941)

Our herioine Kristine says she is going to be a nurse, not a woman. (I guess they are mutually exclusive.) But our gal Kristine has two possible guys that are quite sure she really needs to be a woman, handsome Captain Jim and super doctor Lee Bowen. Any guesses on the outcome? I think we already know that her destiny is to be a woman rather than a nurse.


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