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Vietnam Policy For Kids

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Let’s Visit VietNam

And we are back with another country book from olden times. This is less about the country and people of Vietnam and more about US involvement and the fight against communism. I practically expected Lyndon Johnson to pop out from the pages and tell me to get with the program.  I especially cringed at the reference to the “yellow branch of the human family”. Even by the time Saigon fell in 1975, this book would have been woefully inadequate and should have been weeded by then.


How about some counter-culture?

Damn, Dirty Hippies

Dirty Hippies Living on Love

Peace Love and Flower Power

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Your Friend Mayonnaise

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Correct Salads for All Occasions
General Foods Corporation

We haven’t featured an old cookbook in a while so I was glad I found this little gem in my library travels. I think the idea that a salad could be “correct” or “not correct” was a bit interesting. I found out from the chef inside that hostesses need to match the proper salad to the proper occasion. (By the way, the chef doesn’t seem to have a name, but he looks like Snidely Whiplash.) Unlike some of our other cookbooks, these are illustrated with drawings rather than photographs and the dishes don’t look nearly as awful as black and white photos might be.

Mayonnaise for everyone!


More retro cooking:

Be a better housewife

It’s Congealed!

Be Bold with Bananas

Mmmmm Meat


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Dating Tips for Teens

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Love and Dating

This book looked older than 1994. I would have sworn late 1980s, tops. The advice is not that bad and mostly common sense stuff. The illustrations are awful and that alone would make it weedable, in my opinion. (I can just imagine my teen patrons rolling eyes at this one.)

Ladies, I encourage you to take a look at how to rate with guys. Obviously, we need to all examine our “ladylike” behavior. (The book doesn’t give us details on what that behavior might mean.)


More Teen Love:

Teen Sex or Teen Dating?

Say Yes to No

Taking all the fun out of sex

Teen Feelings

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