Hoarding is not collection development
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Making a Collection Count

Mary Kelly

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Beyond Counting Sheep

Games for Insomniacs

Submitter: The inside flap says that Fuller amassed the “most popular, most challenging (most irritating?) games for his delightful new book.” Library staff who examined this book agreed with most irritating. The book had not left the shelves in at least eight years. It’s a mystery how this book managed to escape previous weeding attempts, but its days are numbered!

Mary: I guess the “joke” is that if you can’t sleep, these puzzles will frustrate (torture) you until you fall asleep. The other theory is that it will turn you into an insomniac since you just can’t fall asleep because these puzzles are interesting. I am going with option one.


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Gender Based Collectables

Antiques for Men

Real men need to make sure they are collecting the “right” kind of collectable. Ladies, hands off the toy soldiers.

This old book on antiques and collectables is pretty outdated and I can’t imagine someone thinking this would be a helpful book. If it is description and identifiers than I think these books would work, however if it is a price and value guide, not so helpful. Of course your library’s mileage may differ. I personally was fascinated by ashtrays with faces. Maybe I was more fascinated by who might consider collecting ashtrays with faces. I will need to think on this.


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Mentally Defective Children

Mentally Defective Children
Binet and Simon

I like these kinds of books as they are such an anachronism compared to today’s published academic works. It really is a glimpse of history. I can imagine the horror of an average public library patron stumbling on this work and shocked that a book would have such a title. On the other hand, I know people that would assume the title is humorous.I can make jokes all day about “defective” kids, especially my own.

Anyone that had Psych 101 in college, and was even half-way paying attention, would recognize the authors’ names. Of course this submission is not necessarily an “awful” book as Binet is considered an important scholar for psychology. However, you can see that this 100 year + book has seen better days. Is it important to keep this in a circulating collection? This is available in so many digital collections that I can’t believe that this particular edition is needed in a circulating print collection. Is there something special about the book as an artifact that makes this particular edition important? If there is, get it out of regular circulation and preserve it. Slapping on some tape and re-shelving is not preservation.


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