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Mary Kelly

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The Legitimate Rape of Andrea

Did You Hear Whgat Happened to Andrea?

Andrea is a “good” girl and she is hitchiking with a boyfriend. They get picked up by a stranger. He drops off the boyfriend and then Andrea is raped.  Andrea files a police report. Andrea takes a morning after pill, has trouble with her parents. Mom is worried that Andrea will be considered an “easy lay” if she talks about this. Mom also doesn’t want to hear the word “rape”. The police finally catch the guy and the last chapter is Andrea testifying. Finally, it’s all over.  It’s a pretty good story and I would have snapped this up in a hot minute as a teen. Now, it just seems dated and everything is just too neat and tidy by the end.


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Fly the Friendly Skies

How to be a Flight Stewardess
A Handbook and Training Manual for Airline Hostesses


This is your glimpse into the magical world of airline stewardess. Exotic destinations, cute airline pilots are just a few of the perks of a stewardess career. Girls, if you have the “right stuff”, you can join this exciting career.

So, the right stuff is:

Pretty – this means no pimples and no crazy hair, minimal makeup, no chubby girls, and a good fashion sense.

No married ladies.  Divorced and widowed ladies can be considered after a serious review and all the appropriate documents are presented to prove your status.

No entertaining men or drinking in your hotel room.

You must stay in full stewardess uniform when checking into a hotel. (You know, so people don’t get the wrong idea!)

I looked through the book for details on handling drunk customers or harrassment. Nary a mention other than when handling difficult people, be sweet. (Good advice! That works in libraries too. Sigh.)


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Groovy Decor

The Young Decorator

Ready to decorate your groovy pad? Solid! Here is a book for all your groovy decorating needs. Most of this decor could be characterized as “Brady Bunch” meets the “Jetsons” meets country chic.

This is a textbook for high school, yet I found it in a smallish public library. I don’t think it was there ironically. I can already hear the excuses: “It’s in great shape!” Weeding pro tip: If it is in great shape for a book that old, then probably no one thought it was worthwhile.  But those of you looking for some retro decorating ideas, you might find some of these pictures inspiring.


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