Hoarding is not collection development
Making a Collection Count

Mary Kelly

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Square Root of Sex

The Square Root of Sex

I love this cover! What’s not to love? Nerd scientists, sex research, and the word orgy as an acronym. Think of this as a send up of Masters and Johnson. Perfect for a weekend read.


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Dad’s Drunk Again


A Day at a Time
Dealing With An Alcoholic

When I first read the title I was hoping for a novel adaptation of the 70s tv show One Day at a Time.  That might have been a better story.

Our gal, Ellen has an alcoholic dad and a mother who is trying to fix this increasingly bad situation. Initially, Ellen wants Mom to divorce Dad and just be done with it. Mom wants to be faithful to her marriage vows. They try an intervention, which doesn’t work and then Ellen’s mom gets involved with Al-Anon and starts to pull herself together. I will give credit to the author for addressing alcoholism as a disease and that family members cannot “fix” an alcoholic. There is a lot of promotion of AA and Al-Anon throughout the story. The illustrations seem make me feel like they are storyboarding a soap opera and wanting to cast a handsome leading man for the part.



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Friday Fiction: Cover Art Creeps

Against That Day

I have a real problem with this cover. Is it just me or do those look like plastic disembodied heads on the cover? I also think that little girl head is creepy and I think looking at this cover I will not be able to sleep well. I think this book might have to have an “unfortunate encounter” with coffee.

I can’t really speak to the book itself. This is a Christian fiction romance about a missionary family heading to Peru. Clem, the wife has some sort of problem with Peru as her parents died there. I am sure it all works out in the end. Regardless, I am sleeping with one eye open.


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