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Making a Collection Count

Mary Kelly

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The Shame of Pregnancy

Handbook for Pregnant Teenagers
Roggow and Owens

This book looks familiar and I think we featured it on our site a while back. Since I can’t find it, I am assuming it bit the dust in one of our many website upgrades. Regardless,  I think this book is worth discussing because the title “handbook” would be very appealing to patrons. Those of us of a certain age will remember that pregnancy without marriage was just about as acceptable as murder. Back in my day, there were whispers of sudden drop outs or someone visiting an “aunt” out of town. I remember very few openly pregnant girls when I was that age and I can only imagine what they suffered as students. They were mostly hustled off so they wouldn’t “infect” the remaining girls.

I really think that libraries need to have readily accessible information available on a variety of sexual health topics. Not only is it about the information, but also a friendly, non-judgmental librarian who can really offer assistance where maybe friends, parents or the Internet can’t.


Teen trouble:

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Clearer Skin with God

Why Isn’t God Giving Cash Prizes

Just in the nick of time! You can be in heaven with clearer skin and knowledge that all other religions are crap compared to Christianity. Between this book and the author’s other masterpiece of cool awesomeness, I am quite sure the streets will be filled with clear skinned youth looking and feeling awesome.

To me, a cover does count, especially with youth oriented materials. To be honest, I doubt this generated much coolness even in 1982. Wait! I think I hear the sound of a collective eyeroll and groan from every teen that is browsing the religion section.


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Fratricide is a GAS!

Fratricide is a Gas

Our guy Dilke is the first to be miniaturized to help earth solve over crowding problems. Essentially, everyone needs to get small so there is more room. Dilke is a “microagent” and is looking for the source of some poison gas. I guess since he is miniturized, now your every day bugs are giant killer monsters. Sounds scary to me. All I can think of is a roach motel as a hiding place, but I bet that wouldn’t be good for miniature  humans either.


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