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Mary Kelly

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Bringing home the bacon


The Working Wives’ Cookbook
Zavin and Stuart

This was published before there were a lot of choices in convenience foods and people didn’t really eat out as much as they do now. These ladies did it by making everything ahead of time. They are also big proponets of appliances, especially the dishwasher, which was pretty rad for the early 60s. The recipes aren’t that interesting, but they do work for the time and place. I also figure that this was probably pretty radical concept for a cookbook in the early 60s.

Unfortunately, there really isn’t a discussion of hubs getting up and helping out.


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Make History Fun with Cartoons!

Leaders of America
Capsule Biographies of over 260 Famous Personalities

This one I found when I was weeding the juvenile nonfiction. Of course it is old and worn out, but take a look at these cartoon illustrations. The color palette is awful and everyone looks like they had some kind of tanning booth accident. I get that this is to mimic the newspaper comic panels (because the kids dig the funny papers!) and the content isn’t that bad. They actually have a few women and minorities represented. Will a kid from this century want to use this book? Not a chance.


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Buyer Beware!

Buyer Beware!

I wonder if this Trump is a relative to “the Donald”? The pub date alone tells you this is weed-worthy, but I do like some of these scams before the Internet was a thing. My favorite is raising¬†chinchillas. Almost every magazine from the olden times had some kind of chinchilla scheme advertised in the back. As a kid, I was fascinated by such a project.

Consumer protection information goes out of date so fast. I can’t imagine why this particular public library wants to hold on to this copy (and even sent it to the bindery). ¬†Time to let go and move into this century.


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