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Making a Collection Count

Mary Kelly

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Manners with Sybil

You’ve Come Along Way Sybil Macintosh

Teen etiquette brought to you by the ever so crass and awful, Sybil Macintosh. My mother would say she evidently was raised by wolves. There are chapters on all sorts of topics, introductions, using the telephone, thank you notes, table manners, and parties. Helpfully, there are also tips on looking good as well. For 1974, this is at least more interesting than many of the etiquette and grooming books for teen I have seen. Since I was also a teen in 1974, I was the target market for this book.

Unfortunately, this book does not really help teens in 2016. With no discussions on personal boundaries, Internet etiquette and other tech issues, this book is not helpful. I am also thinking that teens are not looking up from the phones long enough to get a book on manners.


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Husband Tested Recipes

“Husband-Tested” Recipes
Pet Milk Co.

A little something from the olden days. Husbands, run don’t walk to get this wonderful cookbook for the Mrs.  I love these vintage cooking material. Definitely a keeper for an archive, but not so much for a public library.

The recipes don’t look too bad if you ignore the icky black and white photos. I am going to say no to the funky looking banana nut salad.



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Lights, Camera, Action!

See Inside
A Television Studio

Forget the TV studio, who’s the groovy band playing? Looks like a set from some of those variety shows of the 1970s. For 1977, this was probably a good choice for a juvenile nonfiction collection, 2016 probably not so much.


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