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Mary Kelly

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Trekker Friday Fiction

Star Trek: The Truth Machine

I found this while browsing a collection looking for something for a patron, and just got so excited. (I think the kid I was helping thought I was having some kind of “episode.”) I had to get my hands on this book! I am a fan of the original series and all the others. I also have an Enterprise pizza cutter, a Klingon dictionary, and a book of poetry by Mr. Spock.

This book reads like an episode, and the pictures do look like the characters.  However, I am not sure that I am the target market for the juvenile fiction section of a library. (I know a hundred adults that would get a kick out of this in a heartbeat.) Note the illustration where Mr. Spock breaks out PENCIL AND PAPER to draw up some plans!

Is juvenile fiction the best place for this? It would be a slam dunk for a book sale or an adult looking to re-live a few childhood moments. Modern kids? Probably not.

Live long and prosper,


UPDATE: It was announced today around 1pm EST that Leonard Nimoy passed away. Condolences to all who are feeling the loss. RIP Mr. Spock.

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Doris Does Concentration Camps

My Friend the Enemy

I know you have been waiting for this moment. Many people have said how much they need to actually SEE this particular book from our ever burgeoning collection in the Doris House of Infamy. Yes, it is another step into the bizarro world of Doris, and this time she has taken us to a concentration camp. The usual suspects are here: weird non-story and creepy illustrations.

Our brave children Kathy and Dick are some how caught up in what I think is the 2nd Sino-Japanese War. Who are these people? Where were the parents? I wasn’t even sure it was the 20th century until the end when the Americans came in a plane to rescue the camp.

If you are new to the ALB Doris Hall of Infamy books, please proceed carefully. Side effects include headache, nausea, confusion and overwhelming dread that humanity is doomed.


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Your Breakfast Choice


Bricks for Breakfast

A very alert Facebook fan of ALB sent me this gem of bad processing. When I saw the book, I didn’t see or think “Bricks”.  “Dicks” popped into my brain instantly. Of course, my absolutely immature brain (and Holly’s) totally appreciates a wayward barcode making something innocuous into the funniest thing in the world. Truly, “unfortunate” barcode placement is one of my favorite “awful” books and we haven’t had one submitted in quite awhile. My day is made.

To all our fellow librarians with a 12 year old boy’s sense of humor, you’re welcome.


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