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Mary Kelly

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Figure out your man

Woman Alive: What Makes Men Tick

Ladies! Have you wondered what on the inside of your man? How he thinks? How to make him happy? This is your book! From caveman to modern family man, you can discover the basic drives and real masculinity. After all, it is your job (the main one) to make this man functional.

I particularly like how women are portrayed as what men need rather than what they are. The pictures are pretty hilarious (and somewhat pathetic). The feminist in me cringes, but I clearly remember these times. Though you might not notice if you are younger, some things have improved.


Death to the patriarchy!


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Breaker, Breaker

The World of CB Radio
Long, Crystal, Keating

When I was in high school, CB radios were considered a cool accessory for your car. It sat right next to the 8 track tape. Youngsters, this was like twitter and cell phones combined. My knowledge of CB radios extends to seeing Smokey and the Bandit at least twice as a teen.(Side note: This was when Burt Reynolds was THE man. If you need a Burt Reynolds fix, please jump to this and this post where Burt shares his backside with his adoring fans.)

My late father-in-law would just like to listen to truckers chat. I have still had the rare reference question here and there with respect to amateur radio but I don’t think I have heard the term CB radio since the early 1980s. Any radio people wish to update us?


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Hollywood Dogs

Red Carpet Pups

I have a pet peeve about animals in outfits. Just no. They always look embarrassed. However, I am quite sure that there is an audience for this book. Kristin Stewart and Niki Menaj fans, maybe?

The copy I looked at was as sturdy as a magazine, but I would probably keep it. There is just no accounting for taste.


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