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Pregnant and Alone

Pregnant and Alone
How you can help an unwed friend

Those of us of a certain age remember when pregnancy out of wedlock was about shame and there was little in terms of options and support. This is the kind of book that means we are asking “for a friend”. Maybe the author/publishers feel that phrasing in this title might make it more accessible to teens.

Most of the suggestions are written from a Christian perspective and it is not surprising that there is an anti-abortion message included. In addition, the message is also tell your parents, don’t be surprised if the guy takes off, and recommends adoption. The author also acknowledges all the difficulties involved with unsupportive parents, lack of opportunities and the shame. Not bad in 1989 but outdated for resources and attitudes about unmarried mothers.


Pregnant and Fabulous!

Shame of Pregnancy

Say Yes to No!



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Cooking for One is FUN!

Cooking for One is Fun

I get the feeling this book’s title is about your self-esteem since you can’t even get someone to have a meal with you. It is almost like the publisher is trying so hard to sell you on your lonely lot in life.

I can buy there is need for cooking for a single person, but I am sure it is not this particular book. The cover is boring and obviously has “substances” of questionable origin on the cover. I am quite sure no one will miss this book.

Single people, time to get in the kitchen and have some fun. Really.


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Get Cancer and a Pony!

No Longer Afraid

Our pal Doris is back with another in depth look at childhood cancer as part of the Children of Courage series. (Please check the category of “Doris Hall of Infamy” for more examples.)

Our child hero is Jaime is diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy. Unfortunately for Jaime, she is concerned about dying and Dad assures her she is going to be fine and that they shouldn’t talk about it, since it was Christmas. After Christmas Jaime heads to the hospital where she is screaming and crying through the chemo treatment. Her hair falls out and she makes a reference to Kojak and Eva Gabor. Jaime loves horses, so she ends up with a horse donated by the Make a Wish foundation.  The reader never does find out if she beats cancer or what she eventually does with the horse. She is, however not afraid of the dark. Must be some good chemo.




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