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NLW15: Another Romance in the Stacks

The Library Tree

As we close out National Library Week, we have yet another romance in the stacks. Our librarian wanna-be is Carolyn, who got the job at the library thanks to her powerful and connected uncle. Naturally, the handsome director is a complete jerk and a political “enemy” of Carolyn’s uncle and doesn’t want her on the staff. Uncle and his cohorts on the board override his concerns and she is hired. Aside from the jerk boss, Carolyn likes the job.

The boss is still not happy and is undermining Carolyn or yelling at her for one thing or another. Carolyn, however, finally gets to a point that she is going to resign.  WHEN SUDDENLY, the long lost dad who abandoned her years ago contacts her and wants to reconcile. Of course he is dying. Literally. Jerk director man drives her to the hospital and tells the father he is Carolyn’s fiance. Jerk director guy wants her dying father to know she will be “taken care of.” THE BIG REVEAL: He really loves her and wants her to go to library school. Cue the music.

I know all of you are wiping your tears and are so happy for Carolyn now that she has everything: a library career AND a man!

Happy National Library Week everyone! I hope all of you got lots of praise and cash this week.


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Is this deductible?


Kiplinger’s Sure Ways to Cut Your Taxes

We take a break from our National Library Week to remind everyone that it is April 15. For those outside of the USA, it is tax day. Don’t forget to file. As of this writing, this book was still on file in a public library business/finance collection. I am sure it is super helpful, especially for people e-filing!  If anyone says “historical value” to me I will clobber them with an 1991 10-key adding machine. Better yet, how about you work a ref desk in a public library on April 15 for people who just started to realize they need forms. Can you say Form 4868?

I’m not (that) bitter, I am one of the dorkier librarians that actually likes tax season. I like to test my customer service skills/tax knowledge and of course mention that monetary gifts to the library are usually tax deductible.

Happy tax day and take deep breaths when you have had to explain, for the thousandth time, why there aren’t instructions.


For the record, I can give you contact info for the White House, but President Obama doesn’t check with me about tax forms.

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Teens that have cancer

Teenagers Face to Face With Cancer
Gravelle and John

I think we can all agree that this book is ready for weeding. Don’t make me preach about time sensitive material! This book was also just grimy looking, and I doubt anyone would want to pick it up.

Teens facing cancer is an important issue that is worthy of a space on the shelf. Even if this is just teens talking about “dealing” with cancer, the medical procedures have come so far that it isn’t the death sentence it used to be. Upgrade, please!


Teen Problems:

Teen Feelings

Teen Cancer Info

Teen Preggers


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