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Mary Kelly

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Barbie and her Japanese Friend

Barbie’s Secret
1964 (original copyright 1958)

Barbie, our complicated friend who has trouble with career choices and men (Ken, what is wrong with you?) is now facing some cultural challenges as she hosts an exchange student from Japan. Barbie meets the wonderful Yoshiko and helps her fit in to the good life in America. First up, change her name to something more appropriate. Yoshiko’s new name is Posy. Much better, right? All your favorite Asian stereotypes are right here for your entertainment. Probably a good idea if there are no plans for a “UN Ambassador” Barbie.

Sorry, I didn’t read far enough to find out Barbie’s secret.



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Sexy Cat Names

Cat Names
The Best Book Ever

Evidently, the right name for the cat requires research and a book of naming advice. I guess this is a big deal and I am sure that the cat wants to weigh in on this important decision. My feeling is that cats might indeed recognize their own name but that wouldn’t have any impact on the day to day business of napping and food.

I am particularly happy that the author was kind enough to give a category for “sexpot” names. Given the choices of Veronica Lake or Jane Russell dates this book even for the 1980s.


Slave to my cats,


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Say Something!

Happy Jack’s Mime Time

Long time readers of this site probably know my issues with clowns. To me, mimes are similar to clowns, though not as terrifying. As mime books go, I would imagine this isn’t too bad. There are enough details that make me think this is probably a good choice for a public library. Personally, though, it looks dated and the illustrations are hokey. It is probably a keeper for those with a mime population (wherever this is, I cannot go there) or a good performing arts collection.

I will be busy avoiding clowns and mimes if anyone needs me.


Mimes, the other clowns





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