Hoarding is not collection development
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Making a Collection Count

Holly Hibner

NLW 2017 – Lively Libraries

Lively Libraries - cover

250 tested ideas for lively libraries or GO, PEP, and POP!
Baeckler and Larson


Submitter: Not only is this book ancient, but it was also still on the shelf.  We are a small, rural public library.

Holly: The sample suggestion card (first image below) is fantastic. At first I thought an actual patron wrote in the book and the staff responded, but it’s just a sample (the authors’ names are in the response). Some of the ideas in the book aren’t bad. Others, like “Acquaint yourself with …various printing machines: ditto, mimeograph, electric mimeo an dstencil maker, offset press.” are horribly outdated.

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Natl Lib Wk 2017- Opportunities for Minorities in Librarianship

Opportunities for Minorities in Librarianship - cover

ALB Celebrates National Library Week 2017 with  some library themed choices.

Opportunities for Minorities in Librarianship
Josey and Peeples

Submitter: It always exciting to see librarian career guides at my local public library. I am always talking up our career to people who would make great librarians. So it’s good to have books that better help people understand what we do. Sadly, this is not one of them. All this represents is why it’s important to weed your career section. I am attaching the punch card I found in the back of the book. Those were all removed in the 1990’s, so it’s pretty cool to see. Who remembers those!?

Holly: Fantastic book for the 70s, and worth updating if possible to reflect diversity in librarianship. This belongs in a library that collects on the history of librarianship. It cites the 1970 census, for goodness’ sake. That was FOUR censuses ago!



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Impractical Pets

A Practical Guide to Impractical Pets

Submitter: The cover is plain orange, unfortunately. One interior photo shows a cat being given a pill, and the cat looks calm about it!

Holly: Some of these are not really that impractical. Maybe birds, turtles, and rabbits were really exotic in 1976. Sure, the raccoons and squirrels are a bit out there, but these are really impractical pets!


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