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A Dictionary of Common Fallacies

Submitter: I thought I’d include these two books together as they’re very similar. Their design alone seems rather awful and I’m not sure how they would be used as reference materials – which, to be fair, probably isn’t the intention, despite the word “dictionary” in the title of one – given the awkwardly phrased subject headings. They’re also a bit tonally uneven in their scope – one entry quibbles that “black beetles” are actually “dark brown,” while an entry on the opposite page takes on a question that has fueled countless wars and atrocities.

Low-Calorie Desserts cover

Low-Calorie Desserts

Low-Calorie Desserts
Better Homes and Gardens

Submitter: There are some reasonable recipes here, but the whole thing looks really dated.

Holly: I’m all for dessert less than 150 calories, and submitter is right – there are some tasty-sounding treats here. The photography is very 1970s, though. Food blogs today have such gorgeous images; this can’t hold a candle to what you see online today.

How to Sht in the Woods

Leave No Trace

How to Shit in the Woods: An Environmentally Sound Approach to a Lost Art
3rd Edition

Submitter: Recently weeded from my small rural public library. I did not weed because of content or even because of the title, but really because of lack of circs and we’re starting to get very overcrowded on our Adult NF shelves. Does there really need to be an entire book on this subject? I would think this subject can be covered in a few paragraphs in any good hiking/camping/survival book. Oh, and I learned something here that I apparently didn’t learn in Sunday School decades ago: the Bible has a verse telling you what to do with your excrement. Huh… who knew?

Norwegian Rosemaling cover

Norwegian Rosemaling

Norwegian Rosemaling: Decorative Painting on Wood
Miller and Aarseth

True confessions: this was found at my own library. It’s been hanging out in the Crafts collection for 45 years. It has quite a lot of circulations, though none recently. It’s not a bad subject for a public library collection, especially in an area where Norwegian culture is prevalent (which it is not here!).