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Making a Collection Count

Holly Hibner

Poultry in the Pulpit

poultry in the pulpit cover imagePoultry in the Pulpit: Further Revelations of the Vet in the Vestry

Submitter: Not sure what to make of this from the cover.

Holly: This is the memoir of a veterinarian who became a minister. Here’s the Publishers Weekly review. It also got good reviews on GoodReads. The title is catchy and the cover is odd enough to get people to take a look. It seems like a pretty good choice for Christian-centric, rural communities. The Vet in the Vestry was Cameron’s first book, and this one continues his story with more on the ministerial part of his life. It may have appeal to James Herriot readers. I’m calling this one odd enough to be interesting, but old enough to be weed-able if it no longer circulates.


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Buddy Hackett

The Truth About Golf - cover

The Truth About Golf and Other Lies

Submitter: The book is amusing both because of the comedic author and its age!  It has not left our public library shelf in over eight years.

Holly: I find books like this more difficult to weed. If it hasn’t left the shelf in eight years, I’d weed it too, but it isn’t awful in and of itself. I have patrons who would still enjoy this if I put it in their hands, but they are unlikely to find it on their own. Click here to read the IMDB bio on Buddy.

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Wild Pets

Wild Pets coverWild Pets

Submitter: We’ve been weeding a lot of animal books lately. The skunk photo is my favorite.

Holly: The pictures submitted are priceless. Too bad they aren’t in color! This was great for its time, but there are definitely more current books on the topic that include more current laws and what can (and cannot) be kept as pets. My neighbor feeds the critters that live in the woods behind our houses, and the darn things are super creepy: raccoons that come out all times of day looking for a handout, ducks that chill out in the garden, deer that don’t look twice when you cross their path…it’s just not right.


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