Home Maid Spanish

Talking to the Help

  Home Maid Spanish Storm and Ginnett 1976 Submitter: Here’s a little something I found lurking in our stacks, it caught my eye as I was passing. Yes, I did a double take!  Though it is rather stereotypical, borderline racist,

Going Sane

Going Sane

Going Sane: An Introduction to Feeling Therapy Hart, Corriere, Binder 1975 Oooh, most excellent suits, hair, and glasses on the cover! The Center for Feeling Therapy was seen as a cult in the early 1970’s.  Check out the Wikipedia article

Martha Stewart Weddings

Martha, Martha, Martha!

Martha Stewart Weddings Stewart 1987 Submitter: We just weeded this Martha Stewart’s Weddings book published in 1987 from our collection.  It’s not horrible, we actually think it’s totally awesome 80’s. 🙂  And Martha looks so young! Holly: Martha looks ridiculous.