Uncle Willy's Tickles

Uncle Willy

Uncle Willy’s Tickles: A Child’s Right to Say No Aboff 2003 Submitter: Creepy! Holly: …Aaaaand we’re back to this subject.  What a horrible title!  There’s a fine line between making a serious subject “approachable” to kids through a title they

Critter the Class Cat

Critter the Class Cat

Critter the Class Cat Bare 1989 Submitter: Here is a book that the children’s librarian kept on his storytime shelf.  He retired, and I retired his storytime shelf!  Copyright date is 1989, so the cat is probably watching from Kitty

Mastic Asphalt Spreader

An Exciting Career Choice!

Mastic Asphalt Spreader Choice of Careers, New Series No. 43 Grande-Bretagne, Central Youth Employment Executive 1953 Submitter: I’m surprised there are still mastic asphalt spreaders as it seemed a fairly obscure occupation 30 years ago and I was surprised there