very young rider

Very Young Rider

Very Young Rider Krementz 1977 Submitter: While in the much-needed process of updating our sports non-fiction collection for kids, I was flipping through this book, since it seemed to be in fairly good physical condition. Our library acquired it in

Alice in Womanland

Alice in Womanland

Alice in Womanland, or The Feminine Mistake Bennett 1967 Submitter: Remember your “How To Ski A Little Bit” book and how some folks wished to read “Alice In Womanland”? Well, I found it!  This is actually a “Last Copy.” For

Deadly Deception

Deadly Deception: The Proof that Sex and HIV Absolutely Do Not Cause AIDS Willner 1994 Really?  1994?  Wow.  I’m really suprised it is that current (and yet…old in medical book terms).  There are some pretty “interesting” reviews of this book at 


Ye Olde Word Processor

Beacham’s WordStar Professional 5.0 Handbook Beacham 1989 Submitter: If you can’t remember WordStar, that’s because it was a word processor that was available for DOS and had its last release, which was for Windows 3.0, in 1991. (Cf. for